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The Icon Bar: News and features: VirtualRPC-Adjust


Posted by Richard Goodwin on 09:50, 7/5/2004 | , , , , ,
And in other emulation news... VirtualAcorn have announced VirtualRPC-Adjust which, as the name suggests, brings RISC OS 4.39 to Windows machines.

The price is the same as VirtualRPC-SE, which is 169 inv. VAT. You'll be able to see it in action on machines from R-Comp, Advantage6 and CJE at the upcoming Wakefield show.

Link: Press Release

  glavallin (14:32 8/5/2004)
Geoff Lavallin Message #92916, posted by glavallin at 14:32, 8/5/2004
Posts: 39
Question..If Virtual RPC-SE is £117 and Virtual RPC-Adjust is £169 then
why do I need another flash rom when my Mico already has one which can be reprogrammed in stitue. Seems the Mico price should be £169-£117=£52 . Though this excludes Virtual Acorn getting a special deal from RiscOS Ltd :-(
( rules ex Animal Farm?)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: VirtualRPC-Adjust