The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views AMCS free versions are live! New free versions of AMCS (b16022018dt) MIDI/audio sequencer, now available for download from the official website >>> New RISC OS !FamTree application reviewed Now available from !Store RISC OS interview with Richard Keefe Another feature I would like is if Impression-X could remember the leafname of a graphics file in a graphics frame. For example to show the name if you hover over the graphic, or use it in place of 'Story3' in the application save method. South West Show is fast approaching Just had confirmation that Martin will be flying in from Germany for the SW Show, so you can also add MW Software to the list of exhibitors. NetFetch reaches Version 5 I'm hoping we'll have v5.02 at the SW Show, having just (successfully) completed some rigorous SSL/TLS email testing in Germany. South West Show is fast approaching Drop me a line if you would like a copy to review: it is currently at release candidate 3 and the beta testers have stopped complaining about bugs (waits for avalanche of bug reports). My posting for the South West show is here: South West Show is fast approaching And we look forward to reviewing it. South West Show is fast approaching I shall be releasing FamTree at the show. Primesolve Apparently a 26-bit/32-bit safe evaluation version is at RISC OS FR : The Raspberry Pie contest 19 - Xavier Tardy