The Icon Bar Technology news and views RISC OS software to download from !PackMan In a previous article we looked at !PackMan and !Store. In this article we are going to highlight some of the software available in !PackMan and ask for your suggestions. Elesar updates Font Directory Pro to 3.21 Given the 12 years between the last 2 releases of Font Directory Pro, an update 6 months after the last release is really good news. Previously, this very slick Font Manager from LookSystems languished until adopted by Elesar. Disappearing websites In the last few weeks some websites of interested to RISC OS users have disappeared. What development tools do we need ported to RISC OS In a previous article, I talked about software updates we would like to see at the next show. Latest Drag'n'Drop magazine reviewed If you miss the Acorn magazines from yesterday, then Drag'n'Drop is definitely the magazine for you with its mix of news, reviews and lots of hands on technical items. The magazine is published 4 times as year as a PDF (which you can read on any machine). What software updates would like to see at the next show? One of the most positive things for me about the last round of shows (London, South-West, Wakefield) was the number of new versions of RISC OS packages released which offered new features. This was not just to support new hardware but to add functionality. Archive 24.3 Review Just before Wakefield show, Archive 24.3 arrived on our doorsteps. If you are not currently a subscriber, here is what you are missing out on... RC15 bring RISC OS to any Raspberry Pi Acorn World Sat 13th - Sunday 14th May This new event/exhibition is being organised in Cambridge at the Centre for Computing History by the Acorn and BBC User group. Wakefield 2017 Show Report The 22nd Wakefield Show took place at the Cedar Court Hotel. If you were not at the show, this is what you missed.