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The Icon Bar: News and features: APDL on the up

APDL on the up

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 19:33, 21/7/2004 | ,
Three pieces of news today, all concerning APDL/Proaction/Superior Software/The Fourth Dimension:

  • Firstly, David Bradforth of APDL/Superior Interactive will be attending this weekend's Classic Gaming Expo in London. Superior Software titles should be available for both RISC OS and BBC computers (and presumably PC too), as well as numerous Fourth Dimension titles including four relaunched BBC games (subject to availability). Possibly candidates include Q-Master, Holed Out, E-Type, and Nevryon, although Q-Master will be the only one in its original packaging.
  • Secondly, APDL are planning on bringing their copies of RISC OS Repton in line with the new PC versions (Of which only Repton 1 has been released so far). They say that the levels and possibly the graphics will be brought in line with the PC version, to ensure that both RISC OS and PC users get to play the same game on their OS of choice.
    However this will involve a bit of a price reshuffle - in David's own words:
    This is going to result in one of two things - we're either going to have to split the Desktop Repton pack up, into individual games (Repton 1, Repton 2 and Repton 3) or put the price up to cater for the increased royalties due to the PC authors.

    As individual titles, the games would be priced *exactly* the same as the PC versions - so $19.95 each translated into UK currency (about 9.90 plus carriage). As a compilation, probably 24.95 (so a 5 price rise) but the practicalities mean that putting out a new compilation before the updated versions are ready may not work. Upgrades from Desktop Repton would be available at a discount.

    So what we've got here is the opportunity for feedback - what would you prefer? Please let me know via email - david.bradforth@apdl-proaction.co.uk - or call me on 07946 405555.

  • Thirdly, as you may have guessed by the first point, APDL have recently acquired The Fourth Dimension as a games publisher (previously held by CJE). It looks like they're planning on breathing some life into the games market, as they will 'be in touch shortly' with authors and users can expect 'more excitement'. Stunt Racer 2003, anyone? ;-)

Remember that if you know of anything newsworthy that we haven't reported yet, you can always drop us a line at news@acornarcade.com.
  APDL on the up
  (14:53 22/7/2004)
  Guest (18:09 24/7/2004)
Guest Message #87662, posted at 14:53, 22/7/2004
Unregistered user Hopefully they can get some originals published as opposed to re-releases but I'm not betting on it.
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Guest Message #87663, posted at 18:09, 24/7/2004, in reply to message #87662
Unregistered user Aw, go on, wimp!
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The Icon Bar: News and features: APDL on the up