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The Icon Bar: News and features: ARM makes profits - from iPods?

ARM makes profits - from iPods?

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 10:47, 20/4/2005 | , ,
ARM1That ARM technology, it gets everywhere. They've just released their quarterly report and revenues are up 23% to about 55m (that's $103.2 million). That's despite a flatter market right now, and El Reg attributes this success to "ARM's intellectual property [being] included on chips used in Apple's iPod". Which, when you think about it, is hardly suprising given the whole Acorn/Apple involvement in the early stages of ARM. Still gave me pause though - maybe I shouldn't hate those posers wandering around with their shiny white mass market music devices held out in front of them like there aren't several million other people doing exactly the same thing.

ARM press release
Story on The Register


  ARM makes profits - from iPods?
  ad (23:25 21/4/2005)
  ad (23:25 21/4/2005)
    [mentat] (11:48 22/4/2005)
      Revin Kevin (19:32 22/4/2005)
Andrew Duffell Message #93475, posted by ad at 23:25, 21/4/2005

Posts: 3256
All we need now is an iPod like product to make RISC OS "cool", and ARM can make more profits, and so can RISC OS companies.
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Andrew Duffell Message #93476, posted by ad at 23:25, 21/4/2005, in reply to message #93475

Posts: 3256
by "iPod like" I don't mean an MP3 player, but some cool new radical product.
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I don't have tourettes you're just a cun Message #93477, posted by [mentat] at 11:48, 22/4/2005, in reply to message #93476
[mentat]Fear is the mind-killer
Posts: 6266
A portable holo-projecting mpeg playing thingy... ;-)
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Kevin Wells Message #93478, posted by Revin Kevin at 19:32, 22/4/2005, in reply to message #93477
Posts: 644
Perhaps Tematic or Advantage6 are working on something now.

Or have someghing allready released.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: ARM makes profits - from iPods?