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The Icon Bar: News and features: Acorn User to Spin off Linux User

Acorn User to Spin off Linux User

Posted by Tim Fountain on 12:34, 28/5/2000 | , , , ,

The Icon Bar have learnt from a source close to Tau-Press Ltd. that the company intend to launch Linux User as a separate entity in November of this year. Tau-Press was formed in late 1998 to take over the publication of Acorn User magazine with Steve Turnbull at the helm. During 1999 the company launched an ill-fated role playing magazine which quickly folded, leaving Tau with considerable debts.

Currently, Linux User takes the form of a supplement within the pages of the Acorn User magazine. It would clearly make sense for Tau to attack the Linux market as an expanding niche compared to the RISC OS market which is still in a state of flux.

Details of what features and cover mounts (if any) will be included with the magazine are still sketchy. Provided Linux users are willing to buy a monthly magazine, Tau-Press and current Acorn User editor, Steve Turnbull should be onto a winner. When we spoke to Steve at the Wakefield Show, he was keen to stress that Acorn User is still a viable publication and its circulation has recovered somewhat over recent months.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Acorn User to Spin off Linux User