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The Icon Bar: News and features: BRU meet IRL to talk A/S/L

BRU meet IRL to talk A/S/L

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 21:40, 2/3/2011 | ,
Vince "One C or two" Hudd and Trevor "Likes to link" Johnson have sent in the following information about an upcoming RISC OS-based meeting in Bristol, along with a reminder on how to get in touch with the BRU mailing list. I'll let Vince and Trevor do the talking for this one:

Following the first successful meeting of members of the Bristol RISC OS Users mailing list, a discussion list formed to support the possible rebirth of a user group for the area, a second meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 16th March, 2011, and is therefore an ideal opportunity to discuss anything of interest from the RISC OS South West Show, which takes place on Saturday 5th March, 2011.
Like the first meeting, this one will be entirely informal in nature - a group of like minded individuals meeting in a pub for a drink and a chat, so if you are a RISC OS user in or around Bristol and think you can make it, we look forward to seeing you there.
  • Theme : The RISC OS South West Show
  • Date : Wed 16th Mar 2011
  • Time : 19:15 for 19:30
  • Venue : Air Balloon, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7PY (northwest of the A38/A4174 roundabout)
  • Admittance: free
The meeting is open to anyone interested in RISC OS computers. Attendees are welcome to bring hardware along but, as with the first meeting, no arrangements are in place for use of a function room or similar. Please don't expect to be able to plug anything into the mains or to have a clear table to use.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Vince Hudd & Trevor Johnson

The Bristol RISC OS Users Mailing List

The 'BRU' mailing list is open to all RISC OS users in or around Bristol and the wider surrounding area - current subscribers being spread as far affield as Cheltenham in one direction, and Glastonbury in the other. The list was set up to support the possibility of a new user group, and to provide a forum for discussion for those people in the area.
Joining is as easy as sending and replying to an email:

  • First, send an email from the address you would like subscribed, to bru-list-request@riscository.co.uk, with a subject of 'subscribe'
  • Second, reply to the confirmation email you will receive shortly after - or click on the link contained within.

  BRU meet IRL to talk A/S/L
  trevj (10:23 10/6/2011)
  filecore (18:31 12/6/2011)
    trevj (19:28 12/6/2011)
Trevor Johnson Message #117988, posted by trevj at 10:23, 10/6/2011
Posts: 660
We're now trying to finalise meetings for June/September.

If anyone from another user group is in the Bristol area over the summer and wants to suggest an additional impromptu meeting, please say so!

[Edit: And yes, we did have an April meeting too.]

[Edited by trevj at 10:26, 10/6/2011]
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Jason Togneri Message #118003, posted by filecore at 18:31, 12/6/2011, in reply to message #117988

Posts: 3867
I saw the title and thought for a moment you were talking about Irn Bru.
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Trevor Johnson Message #118004, posted by trevj at 19:28, 12/6/2011, in reply to message #118003
Posts: 660
Irn Bru
I guess that's what the Bonnybridge RISC OS Users would drink at their meetings!

[Edited by trevj at 19:29, 12/6/2011]
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The Icon Bar: News and features: BRU meet IRL to talk A/S/L