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The Icon Bar: News and features: Duke Nukem 3D on RISC OS?

Duke Nukem 3D on RISC OS?

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 11:35, 4/4/2003 | ,
Feeling guilty for never doing enough round here, I thought I might as well post some pre-news...

On April 1st 3D Realms decided to release the Duke Nukem 3D source code - you can still see their announcement here on their front news page, and despite the date this is no joke!

Already efforts to port the game to various platforms have been started, including our favourite platform, RISC OS. Perhaps the most useful port for us will be the work-in-progress Linux port at icculus.org, because of the Linux compatability we have in the form of GCC and the Unix Porting Project.

Technically there is no reason why the game shouldn't be able to run on RISC OS (It uses an engine a bit more complicated than that in DOOM). Don't hold your breath for too long on this though, as the amount of work needed to port Duke to RISC OS is still unknown.

There are also murmurs of the Blood and Shadow Warrior source being released, as they used the same BUILD engine as Duke 3D; it looks like the next few months should be interesting!

comp.sys.acorn.games thread
3D Realms Duke 3D source forum
Duke 3D for Linux
The BUILD engine porting project
  Duke Nukem 3D on RISC OS?
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  Guest (13:57 4/4/2003)
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          Guest (15:15 5/4/2003)
            grannyg (16:51 8/5/2012)
Guest Message #87516, posted at 13:36, 4/4/2003
Unregistered user This would be a great precedent if converted and would be a great signal for gaming on our platform assuming the compiling tools etc are present.

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Guest Message #87517, posted at 13:57, 4/4/2003, in reply to message #87516
Unregistered user Why would it be a great precedent ? Is there something in Duke 3D that's never been done before for RISC OS ? I'm not sure that it would be any different from a port of (say) Doom or Quake. However, I've not looked at the sources so I don't know...

Obviously it would be /good/ to have more games, but "a great precedent" ? I'm not convinced.
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Guest Message #87518, posted at 15:02, 4/4/2003, in reply to message #87517
Unregistered user The precedent of a previously majot title being released under GPL and people being willing and able to convert it for RISC OS -bodes well for the future.
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Guest Message #87519, posted at 17:24, 4/4/2003, in reply to message #87518
Unregistered user Don't put your carthorses before your chickens.
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Guest Message #87520, posted at 19:30, 4/4/2003, in reply to message #87519
Unregistered user Indeed or count your chickens. But I'm not sure any have been. Nothing wrong with hoping though.
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Guest Message #87521, posted at 15:15, 5/4/2003, in reply to message #87520
Unregistered user Two points.

First of all, it would seem that the Build engine and the Duke Nukem sources are not the same thing. The Duke Nukem source requires a working compile of Build to work. The problem is that Build is mostly x86 asm, if I understand correctly. The sources for Build were released a while ago.

On a brighter note, Duke nukem was optimised to not be very floating point intensive. For example, when I 'upgraded' my PC from an intel P100 to a Cyrix PR166 (notoriously poor FP) Quake actually ran slower but Duke ran a fair bit faster. I guess that the bottom line target machine was a 486 SX (no hardware FP at all).

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Chris Gransden Message #120292, posted by grannyg at 16:51, 8/5/2012, in reply to message #87521
Posts: 47
Only 9 years late but you can download a test version of EDuke32 for RISC OS (aka Duke Nukem 3D) from http://www.cgransden.co.uk/eduke32.zip . I get around 30fps @ 1024x768 running in a window on the desktop on a Pandaboard ES @1500MHz. May even be playable at lower resolutions on a Risc PC.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Duke Nukem 3D on RISC OS?