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The Icon Bar: News and features: Exclusive Qercus Preview

Exclusive Qercus Preview

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 19:10, 16/2/2005 | , , ,
QAfter negotiations with John Cartmell, editor of Qercus. The Icon Bar are able to offer a sneak preview of the latest edition of Qercus, and a free issue to all our readers who have not recently subscribed to Qercus.

"John Cartmell, editor of Qercus today confirmed that the latest issue (issue 273) of Qercus is in the post. "Issue 274 has just been sent to the printers and is expected out early in March", and they are about to start on issue 275 and hope to get that out before the end of March. If anyone wants to advertise or contribute to this issue, they should contact Qercus..." Read more...

  Exclusive Qercus Preview
  pnaulls (22:00 16/2/2005)
  stdevel (22:08 16/2/2005)
    ad (00:06 17/2/2005)
      pnaulls (10:29 17/2/2005)
        ad (10:42 17/2/2005)
          Loris (18:38 18/2/2005)
            Q (01:28 19/2/2005)
              ilcook (18:06 19/2/2005)
                pnaulls (20:43 19/2/2005)
                  Q (23:54 19/2/2005)
                    pnaulls (14:02 20/2/2005)
                      mavhc (22:36 20/2/2005)
Peter Naulls Message #93282, posted by pnaulls at 22:00, 16/2/2005
Posts: 317
It's a shame that someone who claims to support the platform so much can't get the spelling of the OS correct in either his Google adverts or in his magazine.

It's enough to make a drobe editor cry!

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Stuart Tyrrell Message #93283, posted by stdevel at 22:08, 16/2/2005, in reply to message #93282
Posts: 279
Unfortunately Google Adwords will not let you use "RISC OS" as it breaks their capitalisation rules.

I know. We've argued with them. We've escalated it. We've been told that there are no exceptions, even though it's incorrect.

The alternative would be to produce Google Adwords which did not include the (incorrect) name of the OS, which certainly wasn't acceptable for us.

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Andrew Duffell Message #93284, posted by ad at 00:06, 17/2/2005, in reply to message #93283

Posts: 3262
pnaulls: Unfortunatly it happens all the time.
http://www.drobe.co.uk/riscos/artifact3.html is a good example

Updates are more regular than other RISCOS news sites
with the space missing from RISC OS in that case. I think mis-spellings are a thing we'll have to live with. :|
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Peter Naulls Message #93285, posted by pnaulls at 10:29, 17/2/2005, in reply to message #93284
Posts: 317
Andrew: It would be a lot clearer if you pointed out that quote came from me. In any case, it only strengthens my point - it's up to the editor (or proof reader, etc) to ensure consistency and correctness. Besides, we're talking about something done four (I think) years ago when RISC OS had little clear focus versus a current headline in something that's supposed to showcase a magazine.

Sadly, this along with its bland and unfocussed layout adds to a rather long list of reasons why I think Qercus has a long way to go before it can be considered mature.

stdevel: sad; but understandable, having looked at Adwords myself.

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Andrew Duffell Message #93286, posted by ad at 10:42, 17/2/2005, in reply to message #93285

Posts: 3262
Maybe if enough people email them about it they may do something?
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Tony Haines Message #93287, posted by Loris at 18:38, 18/2/2005, in reply to message #93286
madbanHa ha, me mine, mwahahahaha
Posts: 1025
Didn't we cover this before?

Heh, how about R1$(_05?

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John Cartmell Message #93288, posted by Q at 01:28, 19/2/2005, in reply to message #93287
Posts: 37
Peter Naulls seems to be almost sorry as he dismisses Qercus and its editor - but is all what it seems? Is it possible that Peter has finally lost total connection with reality?

In claiming that the editor cannot spell RISC OS correctly he seems to be confusing the real RISC OS with a fictional OS called 'RiscOS' and an equally fictional 'Risc machine' that "fits in your pocket, won't fry your balls, [and] goes for ever on one battery."

Now I know Advantage Six seem to be developing some interesting stuff but I don't remember having reported anything quite as advanced as that!

Peter presumably read the heading of the piece in question and the words "short story" but he seems not to have picked up the clue that what followed might be fiction. Even the editor's warning "We don't think the following story is connected to [...] real RISC OS computers." seems not to have made him pause.

One wonders though what his brain told him about the end of that short story. Just assuming that Peter did assume the piece to be talking about the real RISC OS that we know and love - does he *really* think that someone - Advantage Six, Castle, MicroDigital,...RiscStation - has developed a RISC OS computer that runs on...

...no I won't spoil the story. Read it for yourself.

But this is the first time I've been accused of failing to correct an author in her spelling of the name of a purely fictional device of her own literary invention. :-)
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Ian Cook Message #93289, posted by ilcook at 18:06, 19/2/2005, in reply to message #93288
trainResident idiot
Posts: 1075
Mine, came today. :)
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Peter Naulls Message #93290, posted by pnaulls at 20:43, 19/2/2005, in reply to message #93289
Posts: 317
Tedious John; you can stop digging your hole now. That you require so much explaination to try and rebut my point makes it a bit shaky.

Fine, I admit I didn't read the story. But I'm quite certain that many others didn't flipping through it, nor will many others flipping through the magazine at shows or user groups etc, and will have only seen the headline. A headline is all-important to giving an impression of the story - but I shouldn't be telling you that, should I? - as an Editor, you know that.

As for "RiscOS", it's most certainly not fictional, which is part of the concern for having "RISC OS" done correctly. And as an editor, you knew that, right? And would have created a headline that clearly was satirical in nature both to avoid this ambiguity and to give the correct impression about the story's nature and fictional basis.

Finally, please don't question my grip on reality - many others have questioned yours in the past, so it's a little rich to try and return the favour.

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John Cartmell Message #93291, posted by Q at 23:54, 19/2/2005, in reply to message #93290
Posts: 37
I don't see why I expected not to be disappointed with Peter - except that he has recently made some perceptive and reasonable comments on Drobe. As he is taking it seriously: we don't misspell RISC OS in Qercus though, as humans, we aren't immune to the odd error.
In this case there was no error.

Presumably, on his terms, admitting that he didn't bother to read the item before typing his criticism is the nearest Peter ever comes to an apology. So thank you Peter.;-)
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Peter Naulls Message #93292, posted by pnaulls at 14:02, 20/2/2005, in reply to message #93291
Posts: 317
Sadly, your reply demonstates you aren't remotely interested in improving your magazine from user comments. You've taken my reply out of context, as is your want, by suggesting that what I've said is an apology because I said I act like other readers.

Sadly, there's nothing more to say on this, because you've now reached a situation where you've ignored much of what I've said, and of the bit you listened to, you've abandonded reasoned argument.

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Mark Scholes Message #93293, posted by mavhc at 22:36, 20/2/2005, in reply to message #93292
Posts: 660
Be happy, the biggest problem anyone's come up with is capitalisation.

Hopefully one day that'll be the only problem anyone has with all riscos things

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Exclusive Qercus Preview