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The Icon Bar: News and features: First examples from Insignia (updated 29/10/01)

First examples from Insignia (updated 29/10/01)

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 10:56, 23/10/2001 | , ,
Thanks to Nick at Cerilica, we can now bring you these exclusive images created using the new bitmap logo creator Insignia.

This was the only place you could see these because the official webpage wasn't quite ready for the show, but you can now see even more examples up at www.cerilica.com/insignia.

Insignia was on display at the show, and after a few tweaks should be available to buy for around £39 sometime in November. The first images shows the products name with a halftone effect, drop shadow, and a bitmap texture, overlayed with a lens flare effect; the second a wibbly-wobbly piece of text with a fade, a faded backdrop with a shadow over it, and sparkly stars. The larger images (click on the thumbnails to see them) are saved as PNG to preserve all colour information, but if you want to see the original sprites click here - insignia.zip (274KB).



Source: Cerilica

  First examples from Insignia (updated 29/10/01)
  (14:32 23/10/2001)
  Steve (00:35 24/10/2001)
    Steve Scott (11:06 25/10/2001)
      Richard Goodwin (13:16 25/10/2001)
John Hoare Message #89272, posted at 14:32, 23/10/2001
Unregistered user Nice! See, new software *is* being developed for the platform! :-)
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Steve Message #89273, posted at 00:35, 24/10/2001, in reply to message #89272
Unregistered user Pretty cool stuff. We should see some brilliant looking web sites built with RISCOS soon!
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Steve Scott Message #89274, posted at 11:06, 25/10/2001, in reply to message #89273
Unregistered user Looks very nice indeed. But please, for those users who believe that using every effect in this software makes their website look superb, do think again. Keep it professional lads 'n lasses.
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Richard Goodwin Message #89275, posted at 13:16, 25/10/2001, in reply to message #89274
Unregistered user It should make designing really bad web sites much easier if they get scripted rendering written - you should be able to write a small prog to get it to output /lots/ of over-ambitous logos and javascript rollover buttons ;)

On the other hand, keep it simple and this software should make life a lot easier - especially if aforementioned scripting gets implemented.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: First examples from Insignia (updated 29/10/01)