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The Icon Bar: News and features: Games Arcade at Southwest Show

Games Arcade at Southwest Show

Posted by John Hoare on 13:46, 20/2/2003 | ,
Just a quick note to say that Drobe has informed us all that the RISC OS Southwest Show will have a Games Arcade; presumably run by R-Comp Interactive.

The show is on Saturday 22nd February, and is held at The Webbington Hotel, Loxton, North Somerset (there's a free shuttle service between the show and Weston-super-Mare station). The doors open at 10am, and it continues until 4.30pm. Tickets cost 3, but ARM Club & Foundation members get in for 2. Children under 16 get in free if accompanied by adult. This comp.sys.acorn.announce posting gives full details.

Source: Drobe

  Games Arcade at Southwest Show
  (15:41 20/2/2003)
  Anonymous (15:53 20/2/2003)
    Guest (14:21 24/2/2003)
Guest Message #87495, posted at 15:41, 20/2/2003
Unregistered user 10/10 for spelling and grammar. :)
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Anonymous Message #87496, posted at 15:53, 20/2/2003, in reply to message #87495
Unregistered user Oi Moss you're a pervert!
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Guest Message #87497, posted at 14:21, 24/2/2003, in reply to message #87496
Unregistered user Anything worth mentioning from the show?

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Games Arcade at Southwest Show