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The Icon Bar: News and features: Herman Hauser honoured

Herman Hauser honoured

Posted by Tim Fountain on 13:51, 1/1/2002 | , , ,
The co-founder of Acorn Computers Ltd., Herman Hauser, has been awarded an honourary CBE in the New Year's honours list. Austrian Hauser co-founded the company with Chris Curry in 1978 (before I was born, so you'll have to excuse me if this history lesson is a little off!). They developed the Acorn Atom in 1979, and then the BBC Model A in 1981. The BBC B followed in 1982, and the BBC Master, with 128KB RAM was launched four years later in 1986. In 1987 they showed off their new 32-bit WIMP-based operating system - Arthur, on the A305 and A310. Arthur was rewritten to become RISC OS, the operating system that we all know and love today.

Also honoured is Jeremy San, founder of Argonaut Software, who I believe several well-known faces in the RISC OS world currently work for. More information on the New Year honours can be found on the BBC's coverage. Thanks for David James for the tip off.

  Herman Hauser honoured
  (19:45 1/1/2002)
  Chris Williams (16:18 2/1/2002)
    Richard Goodwin (16:44 2/1/2002)
      John Hoare (17:36 2/1/2002)
        David McEwen (19:56 2/1/2002)
          David James (00:06 3/1/2002)
John Hoare Message #89721, posted at 19:45, 1/1/2002
Unregistered user I think the Model B was release in 1981 (although there were supply difficulties, so both models may have effectively shipped in 82).

I don't particuarly agree with the honours system, but it's nice to know he has gone some kind of recognition.
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Chris Williams Message #89722, posted at 16:18, 2/1/2002, in reply to message #89721
Unregistered user The BBC page that mentions Herman has a link to RISCOS Ltd. at the bottom :) Someone's been doing their research then.

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Richard Goodwin Message #89723, posted at 16:44, 2/1/2002, in reply to message #89722
Unregistered user Yes, and mentions that RISC OS still has a loyal following - come on, own up, who wrote it? :)
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John Hoare Message #89724, posted at 17:36, 2/1/2002, in reply to message #89723
Unregistered user And I didn't even check, thinking that they wouldn't mention anything about RISC OS, let alone it is still has a following - and the article would just annoy me. I should learn not to pre-judge, I suppose.
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David McEwen Message #89725, posted at 19:56, 2/1/2002, in reply to message #89724
Unregistered user Eventhough they did well with the Acorn part of the article they still managed to screw up the section about Jez and Argonaut.
Since when did Starfox come out on the Gameboy ? -> at least they fixed it now.
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David James Message #89726, posted at 00:06, 3/1/2002, in reply to message #89725
Unregistered user There are still a few RISC OS fans inside the BBC (me for a start, but I have no influence in such things), however not as many as there used to be sadly. I was talking to a chap yesterday who had one of the very first BBC Bs. The first batch went to schools and the second went to the BBC and BBC staff. He has sadly left the scene now, but I've been filling him in (he hasn't gone to Wintel however, he still has some taste)

There are quite a few Acorn machines to be found around the site if you look in the right places, but I doubt many new ones will be coming our way.

BTW, what ever happened to Chris Curry?
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Herman Hauser honoured