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The Icon Bar: News and features: IRC For The Less Computer Literate

IRC For The Less Computer Literate

Posted by James Stevens on 00:00, 21/8/2001 | , ,
Hello, this a page I quickly put together to help some of my fellow Argo users join in the fun on #argonet. I hope you can follow the instructions, if you need more help feel free to e-mail me.

What Is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a method of communicating with lots of people in real time. You do this by talking to "Channels" or to an individual. Note: All channel names begin with a hash sign #.
This is an example of a typical chat on the #argonet channel. OK, so it isn't a gripping conversation, but you get the general idea :-)

[RFredW] cooeee
[Jaz^] you can get some films on US DVD before they even hit the cinema over here
[Jaz^] Freddy!!!!!!!!
[Xer0] Fred
[RFredW] jazza
[Jaz^] nice to see Xina's post, and my follow up, on zfc has caught someone's attention
[RFredW] :)
[RFredW] well, takes something spesh to drag me back these days
[RFredW] nights.
[RFredW] whatever.
[RFredW] what month is it again?
[Khashoggi] lo all
[RFredW] lo shog
[Khashoggi] My God...
[RFredW] it's full of stars
* Khashoggi really wonders what's going on
[Jaz^] ... It's full of stars
[Jaz^] doh!
[Khashoggi] Why is everyone coming back to #argonet?
[RFredW] :P
[Jaz^] beat me to it
[Khashoggi] This is fab!
[Jaz^] coz of Xina
[Khashoggi] All the good people are back!
[Xina] Because it's lovely!

How Do I Use IRC On RISC OS?

There are several IRC programs out there, an old favourite is !IRClient, but it is no longer developed, and is full of bugs etc.....
These days most people tend to opt for LIRC. It is a bit more complicated to use than some programs, but hopefully my instructions will help you.

What Do I Need To Download?

You can Download LIRC directly from the Authors website by holding down "shift" and clicking here.
I would recommed that you download this customised version that I've prepared. It is just the basic version, with some of the setup files already done for you, and some shortcut buttons added.
You might also need the latest versions of the Toolbox modules. Click here to get them. It is a bare shell of the !Boot program, just drop it over the version in the root of your Hard Disc.

Getting Started

  • Unpack the !LIRC application from the zip archive.
  • Run it :-)
  • If you get an error message about needing the latest versions of the Toolbox modules, download them from above.
  • Press Menu on LIRC's Icon Bar Icon, and choose Choices...

This is how to setup the Choices....
  • Server
    You shouldn't need to change this. If you do, use irc.webbernet.net:6679
  • Nick
    This is the name that you use on IRC. e.g. I use Jaz
  • Alternative
    Sometimes someone else might be using your chosen Nick, so enter a different one in here. e.g. I've entered Jaz^
  • User
    Just enter you Nick in here again.
  • Password
    You don't need to bother with this.
  • Real Name
  • User Info
  • Finger Info
    Enter what you like in here, I've just put my real name, EMail address and Website address in the fields.
When you are done, click on "Save and Use".

Connecting To IRC

Click Select on the Icon Bar Icon, and LIRC will attempt to connect to the server. When it does, a whole load of text will suddenly wizz by, you are then ready to connect to a channel.
The following picture shows what your screen should look like when you 1st connect.

Joining A Channel

If you are using my customised version, just click on one of the "Join ..." buttons. e.g. Clicking on "Join #argonet" will do just that!
Another way of joining a channel is to type in the IRC Command /join #argonet
The following picture is my screen after joining #argonet and #acorn.
At first, all the windows are arranged in a total mess, so you'll need to do a bit of moving and resizing till things are where you want them.
I usually Close the "Known People" window, move the "Known Channel" window to the very top, then adjust the size of the channel windows so they both fit, and then place the "channel nick lists" next to their respective channels.
When you first start out with IRC, I would recommend only joining one channel at a time till you get used to how the program works.

Leaving IRC

Just click on the "Leave IRC" button in my version, or type /quit

Learning More

I've only covered the bare basics needed to get you up and running here, if you need help just read the LIRC's !Help file, or ask for help on one of the channels - someones bound to be feeling helpful!

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The Icon Bar: News and features: IRC For The Less Computer Literate