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The Icon Bar: News and features: IYONIX New Year Special Offer

IYONIX New Year Special Offer

Posted by John Hoare on 16:31, 7/1/2003 | , , ,
We don't normally run things that basically amount to advertisements here at TIB, but as it's the IYONIX we thought you might be interested - besides, one of the criticisms when the IYONIX was launched was that it would have been nice to have one avaliable with a lower specification at a lower price.

Castle have announced a reduced price IYONIX with a slightly lower spec. The three models now avaliable are:

  • IYONIX pc (128MB) (Special offer), 40GB HDD; 128MB DDR RAM; 52x CD ROM, 1249
  • IYONIX pc (128MB), 80GB HDD; 128MB DDR RAM; CDRW, 1299
  • IYONIX pc (512MB), 80GB HDD; 512MB DDR RAM; CDRW, 1399

    You also get a free USB to Parallel printer cable worth 25 with the special offer IYONIX. All prices include VAT, but delivery is 20 extra. The special offer ends on 28th February 2003, and both standard models of the Iyonix are avaliable "while stocks last".

    The question is, for the sake of 50, is the decrease in specification worth it?

    Source: Castle Technology Ltd

  •   IYONIX New Year Special Offer
      fwibbler (16:47 7/1/2003)
      andypoole (17:10 7/1/2003)
        pnaulls (17:49 7/1/2003)
          moss (17:54 7/1/2003)
            john (09:31 8/1/2003)
              rich (09:17 9/1/2003)
                Horse (16:23 10/1/2003)
    fwibbler Message #91586, posted by fwibbler at 16:47, 7/1/2003

    Posts: 320
    Well done Moss, You've beaten Drobe to it!
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Andrew Poole Message #91587, posted by andypoole at 17:10, 7/1/2003, in reply to message #91586
    Mouse enthusiast

    Posts: 5558
    TIB wins again :p
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Peter Naulls Message #91588, posted by pnaulls at 17:49, 7/1/2003, in reply to message #91587
    Posts: 317
    Yeah, keep that up, and IyonixBar.com will have nearly 10% of the content drobe does ;-)
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    John Hoare Message #91589, posted by moss at 17:54, 7/1/2003, in reply to message #91588

    Posts: 9348
    I love you all.
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    John D Message #91590, posted by john at 09:31, 8/1/2003, in reply to message #91589
    Posts: 261
    I'm sure that offer was up there a week or two ago
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Richard Goodwin Message #91591, posted by rich at 09:17, 9/1/2003, in reply to message #91590
    Dictator for life
    Posts: 6820
    No, that was the pre-New Year offer. They just look similar ;)
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Horse Message #91592, posted at 16:23, 10/1/2003, in reply to message #91591
    Unregistered user I suppose they have to shift that excess stock of 40GB drives somehow, bundling them with something as useless as a 52x CD ROM drive (when compared to a 40-48x CD-RW drive), too.
      ^[ Log in to reply ]

    The Icon Bar: News and features: IYONIX New Year Special Offer