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The Icon Bar: News and features: IYONIX USB 2 review

IYONIX USB 2 review

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 13:35, 4/2/2005 | , , , ,
usbEarlier this week we reported the release of USB2 drivers by castle for the IYONIX. TIB reporter monkeyson has bought the drivers for his IYONIX (which he previously reviewed) and has compared the performance against the older USB1 drivers and USB2 on a Windows PC.


Hardware Section

  IYONIX USB 2 review
  ksattic (15:30 4/2/2005)
  flypig (15:48 4/2/2005)
    Bucksboy (10:01 5/2/2005)
Simon Wilson Message #93257, posted by ksattic at 15:30, 4/2/2005
Finally, an avatar!

Posts: 1291
I'm seeing similar speedups too - the new drivers are great! Some people have reported faster-than-Windows speedups for certain devices, which is promising. I wonder if there is any room for improvement in the current USB2 drivers.
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David Llewellyn-Jones Message #93258, posted by flypig at 15:48, 4/2/2005, in reply to message #93257
Posts: 17
A very interesting article, and useful for people (like myself) wondering whether to buy the upgrade.

According to the figures the speed up definately looks significant; something I was worried about after Castle downplayed this in their press release.

Although the PC is faster, I was also surprised that the difference wasn't greater, so good news there too.

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George Greenfield Message #93259, posted by Bucksboy at 10:01, 5/2/2005, in reply to message #93258
Posts: 91
I'm using the Simtec USB1 card in a Kinetic (Select 4.37, Simtec IDE h/d), and have an identical Epson 1660 to Monkeyson's. Doing the 100Mb scan using his settings gave 4 mins 42 secs. So USB2 in the Iyonix is getting on for 5x faster. Hmm....

PS: don't have a pen drive so couldn't do the other tests.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: IYONIX USB 2 review