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The Icon Bar: News and features: Iris Web Browser receives January update

Iris Web Browser receives January update

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:28, 31/1/2022 |
The latest version of Iris is now the January 2022 release (1.019) and is starting to look really interesting. This follows on from monthly releases since June which have added a lot of usability, fixes and improvements. I had previously been using the October 2021 release and the differences are clearly visible!

The January release update now uses Webkit v2.34.3 and one of the original goals was the ability to easily update to newer releases. The best way to show the user improvements is with the options now available on the Main menus.




The configuration options have also been improved and you have lots of control. You can even set your preferred fonts.

The Browser looks and feels like a proper RISC OS application in use. I especially like the fact that right click on a link opens the link in a new tab. And it displayed every page I tried.

A lot of the bug fixes are technical in nature (ie I don't understand them!), but the latest release feels smooth and stable. It is still slugish compared to Safari on my fast Apple MacPro, but usable on a fast RISC OS machine (I am testing on a Titanium) and really exciting to see!
If you are using Iris, I would recommend upgrading to the latest release.
  Iris Web Browser receives January update
  nytrex (10:27 31/1/2022)
  Cloverleaf (05:13 6/2/2022)
Alan Robertson Message #125278, posted by nytrex at 10:27, 31/1/2022
Posts: 80
Thanks for the update. It looks like the developers of Iris are doing a fantastic job. It looks really polished and from the sound of your review, it is also loading web pages without problem as well.

A web browser is such as huge project, it's quite amazing to see one as capable as it on RISC OS.

Amazing work.
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Stefan Fröhling Message #125282, posted by Cloverleaf at 05:13, 6/2/2022, in reply to message #125278
Posts: 7
Many thanks to RISC OS Development Ltd. and Noa Lee as programmer of !Iris to make a full HTML5 and Javascript comliant browser available for RISC OS.
During his work on !Iris Noa also worked on GCC 8 and GCC 10 as is was needed to make !Iris possible. So double thanks as we have now !Iris and GCC 10 for RISC OS.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Iris Web Browser receives January update