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The Icon Bar: News and features: January roundup

January roundup

Posted by John Hoare on 18:36, 28/1/2003 | ,
TEK graphicPyro Update 2 released
Hot on the heels of Artex releasing Pyro, comes this - erm, the Pyro Update 2. The features list is the same as before, but there are some bug fixes to sort out some problems with various setups. Not much more to say, really; go download it! And it's great to see that Artex are still carrying on with development; so if you haven't bought it yet, what are you waiting for?

The promised demo has not been released yet; we'll let you know when it is.

The latest addition to asylum.acornarcade.com - Surgeon, the WIMP Asylum level editor, written by the wonderful Jeffrey Lee. See a screenshot of it in action. It's a first release, so make sure you save your work regularly (it doesn't warn you if you have unsaved data) - but there have been no reports of crashes yet, and it's lovely to use. Expect a competition announcement in a couple of weeks...

Don't forget; if you have any RISC OS gaming news, send it to news@acornarcade.com.
  January roundup
  (19:59 28/1/2003)
  John Hoare (20:09 28/1/2003)
    Michael Drake (22:03 28/1/2003)
      Guest (13:01 29/1/2003)
Jason Togneri Message #87472, posted at 19:59, 28/1/2003
Unregistered user Errr I think the Pyro 2 Update is entirely for my benefit - since I got the game originally (and I mean originally, I had it on pre-order) it's never worked and has always crashed at SOME point before the end of the first level. But thanks for this news, I'm off to download it and try it out!

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John Hoare Message #87473, posted at 20:09, 28/1/2003, in reply to message #87472
Unregistered user I'm just quite shocked I used the term "hot on the heels". Cliche hell, there.
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Michael Drake Message #87474, posted at 22:03, 28/1/2003, in reply to message #87473
Unregistered user There are some screenshots of the Pyro version here:


They show the new fog of war effect.
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Guest Message #87475, posted at 13:01, 29/1/2003, in reply to message #87474
Unregistered user Cliches work.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: January roundup