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The Icon Bar: News and features: Last vestiges of Acorn sold off (again!)

Last vestiges of Acorn sold off (again!)

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 16:13, 5/10/2000 |
There's a report on The Register website that Broadcom - described on their website as "provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband digital transmission of voice, video, and data" - has bought Element 14.

Described as a "leading developer of High Port Density, Low-Power DSL Chipsets", Element 14 was bought for $594 million in shares. This gives Broadcom access to E14's skills in designing ADSL and DSP chips, and E14's 68 employees a large chunk of change "very similar to what we would have recieved in an IPO" according to Stan Boland.

  Last vestiges of Acorn sold off (again!)
  (12:13 15/10/2000)
  Charlie B (18:23 5/11/2000)
Rob T Message #88099, posted at 12:13, 15/10/2000
Unregistered user So, like now stan has his millions how about compensation for dumping us all.

Surely someone at E-14 is still a riscos user ?
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Charlie B Message #88100, posted at 18:23, 5/11/2000, in reply to message #88099
Unregistered user Yes
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Last vestiges of Acorn sold off (again!)