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The Icon Bar: News and features: Messenger Pro 3.21, Grapevine 2.04

Messenger Pro 3.21, Grapevine 2.04

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 16:18, 25/4/2005 | ,
messenger editorR-Comp have got in touch to let us know of a new release of Messenger Pro that has been sent out to registered users.

"Messenger Pro 3.21 includes a brand new, extensively featured email/news message editor, integrated into the program, massively simplifying the process of writing and sending messages. However, what is special is that although the editor is integrated into Messenger Pro, it offers many features that even dedicated editors do not, making it a very powerful tool for the creation of emails" R-Comp told us.

The editor also attempts to solve top posting of replies by visually indicating where the user should type their message. If only Outlook Express did the same for all those windows users.

Grapevine updates
And sticking with R-Comp news, Grapevine 2.04 has just hit the inboxes of Grapevine users. The new version addresses ICQ login procedure changes that were introduced over the weekend.

Press Release


  Messenger Pro 3.21, Grapevine 2.04
  ad (17:45 25/4/2005)
  ad (20:19 25/4/2005)
    andypoole (21:28 25/4/2005)
Andrew Duffell Message #93493, posted by ad at 17:45, 25/4/2005

Posts: 3256
*slaps paint for not taking the screenshot of the window that I quite clearly click on* :|
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Andrew Duffell Message #93494, posted by ad at 20:19, 25/4/2005, in reply to message #93493

Posts: 3256
I still prefer Zap for editing my emails, so have turned off this new feature, although the highlihgting if incorect spelings is good.
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Andrew Poole Message #93495, posted by andypoole at 21:28, 25/4/2005, in reply to message #93494
Mouse enthusiast

Posts: 5558
Zap? bah! Real men use !StrongEd ;)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Messenger Pro 3.21, Grapevine 2.04