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The Icon Bar: News and features: New RISC OS bounties announced at Wakefield 2019

New RISC OS bounties announced at Wakefield 2019

Posted by Mark Stephens on 11:27, 17/5/2019 |
Wakefield 2019 saw a large number of new Bounties announced for taking RISC OS forward (dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century).

The theme of these bounties might be labelled 'Improving connectivity'.
So there are 2 Bounties focussed on the TCP/IP stack. This is part of a big catch-up game to bring RISC OS into 2019 with developments that were not in the original code (wireless, modern protocols, etc). The aim here is not to write something from scratch but to use the existing OpenSource FreeBSD code stack (as the RISC OS developers also did 20 years ago). A nice plus of this will also be bug fixes and potentially support for more hardware.
Connectivity with other systems is also covered with the Bounty to add SMB2/3 support to LanManFS so RISC OS can more easily talk to modern Windows and Apple computers.
Unifying the ToolBox aims to remove the confusion with a RISC OS and Select version. This will simplify life for both developers and users.
One of my favourite features in Select was the better image support Adding PNG export of image files from RISC OS 5 will make it much easier to share images across platforms and with other users.
Lastly, the ongoing general bounty is what pays the costs of ROOL being at Shows and running their website.
One of the exciting things about the bounty scheme is seeing the results of previous bounties being used by developers in their application.
Bounty page
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The Icon Bar: News and features: New RISC OS bounties announced at Wakefield 2019