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The Icon Bar: News and features: New columnist joins TIB

New columnist joins TIB

Posted by John Hoare on 13:18, 2/4/2003 |
Today we welcome a new columnist to The Iconbar - Tanya Jones. Who is also my girlfriend, but don't let the incestuous nature of all this put you off. Her article, Musings of a RISC OS Virgin, is online now, so why not take a look at it? Coming as it does from a view outside the RISC OS marketplace, it gives a valuable perspective on things. Incidentally, she manages to spell RISC OS correctly, so certain people can keep their blood pressure down.
  New columnist joins TIB
  (14:12 2/4/2003)
  ribbit (14:19 2/4/2003)
    TakeALongWalkDownALo (09:48 3/4/2003)
      26bitKiwi (20:09 3/4/2003)
        [mentat] (19:39 6/4/2003)
ScientologySavedmySe Message #91999, posted at 14:12, 2/4/2003
Unregistered user Bienvenue Tanya!
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Cuddlebunny Message #92000, posted by ribbit at 14:19, 2/4/2003, in reply to message #91999
smoochpuppet!Dirty Cow
Posts: 606
Thank you! :)
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TakeALongWalkDownALo Message #92001, posted at 09:48, 3/4/2003, in reply to message #92000
Unregistered user moss, stop getting your girlfriend to do your work for you. :D
Good article, nice to see iconbar.co.uk recipitant to tonnes of updates.
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26bitKiwi Message #92002, posted at 20:09, 3/4/2003, in reply to message #92001
Unregistered user The Musings reminded me of school in New Zealand. At one point something like 80% of schools had Acorn's or BBC micros. My first experience was with an Electron and later with an A420 developing training applications in Genesis for a large company I worked for. More recently I have progressed to using C or a RISC PC for my own enjoyment.
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I don't have tourettes you're just a cun Message #92003, posted by [mentat] at 19:39, 6/4/2003, in reply to message #92002
[mentat]Fear is the mind-killer
Posts: 6266
Disgracefully cheesy, ribbit. Tssk. :P
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The Icon Bar: News and features: New columnist joins TIB