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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show 2018 - Notes from the talks

RISC OS London Show 2018 - Notes from the talks

Posted by Mark Stephens on 16:05, 27/10/2018 |
Here are my notes from the talks. Any mistakes or omissions are mine.
11.30 CJE Micro's
in addition to finishing his house, Chris has lots of RISC OS related stuff to share. Not actively involved but very supportive of license changes. CJE not planning to fork the OS. Mentions of lots of items:-
Interface to use USB mouse with old Archimedes machines.
Econet box which can create a small network for you.
New IDE interfaces for A3000 range machines. You can now use compact flash or SD cards. Also offers a neat way to add a new real-time clock if needed.
PiTop 2 available and running RISC OS. Better keyboard and screen. Good battery life
Hdmi 7inch and 10inch small monitors
More ports for pi zero
44 way ide to sd adapter
12.00 Sine Nomine
Since last year's big launch with contours. Data now available for much of Europe. Demo using Swiss data. Data from NASA released into public domain.
Contour display can be toggled and also configurable (ie range between each contour displayed).
Hillary has been very busy on style editor. Can highlight features from key on map and toggle what is displayed. Will be further enhancements in new releases (ie make it easy to set style on items not shown on map).
Increasing support for Internet services. Flickr now available and others being worked on. Helped by bounties for new modules resulting in new SSL support in RISC OS.
Update from last version to latest is 5 pounds.
14.00 RISC OS Developments
RISC OS has bought Castle IP and releasing software under Apache Open Source license.
Anyone can now use without any commercial restrictions and limits. Aim to increase usage. Already interest from taiwanese company as a result.
RISC OS developments have hired a marketing specialist to promote news.
Richard also revealed secret project from last year was to create a modern browser for RISC OS. Money has been raised. Delay on finding a programmer. None of the money raised for the Browser went on purchasing RISC OS. Browser will not run on Iyonix and older machines.
There is now a website at https://www.riscosdev.com
Orpheus now have their crowd-funded power supply.
14.45 R-Comp
Recap on new features from Wakefield Show - Doom update, MessengerPro 8. 8.1 new at London Show - now checks email when it starts.
Outlined Impact of purchase of RISC OS. Only companies who bought licenses, RISC OS companies. Transforms view of how many companies see RISC OS in world with lots of ARM devices. Now a viable alternative for companies on global scale to run.
R-Comp working on getting RISC OS running on ARM laptop - one example of how Open sourcing OS. Not yet shipping, but you can express interest.
Demoed compact ARMx6 mini computer.
R-Comp has speeded up screen display on their machines with hardware graphics acceleration. It is a chargeable upgrade.
15.30 RISC OS Open ltd
RISC OS now open source and code now under Apache 2.0 license
3rd most popular license
"Free as in beer"
Not copyleft - less restrictive
Plays nicely with other OS code used in RISC OS already.
Risk code could be forked.
Issue of dev tools - need DDE which is 50 pounds and a barrier.
Currently being discussed inhouse
Need to simplify learning curve for source code.
Still using CVS
Idea of developer workshops and tutorial videos
Parts of code still not open source - binary blobs. 3 modules with no right to publish. Can : 1.Ignore 2.clean-room reimplement. 3. lawyers
In other news.
Back on NOOBS (Raspberry Pi)
Latest releases now on Beagle and Panda
New up to 5,000 pound bounty matching for rest of year.
Actively seeking corporate sponsors.
On Todo list:-
publish much clearer and more transparent roadmap
make DDE more accessible
make source more accessible (including CVS problem)
identify key items to migrate from Arm
Push bounties forward
Work with ROD on user experience
Work with third parties on new platforms
  RISC OS London Show 2018 - Notes from the talks
  davidb (17:39 27/10/2018)
  helpful (01:21 28/10/2018)
    CJE (11:48 30/10/2018)
    helpful (00:49 31/10/2018)
David Boddie Message #124360, posted by davidb at 17:39, 27/10/2018
Posts: 132
Thanks for writing the reports. You were extremely quick in getting them online! big grin
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Bryan Hogan Message #124362, posted by helpful at 01:21, 28/10/2018, in reply to message #124360
Posts: 203
RISC OS Developments/Richard Brown’s show talk is now available at https://youtu.be/JyFEX2vKyNA

The rest to follow soon...
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Chris Evans Message #124365, posted by CJE at 11:48, 30/10/2018, in reply to message #124362
CJE Micros chap
Posts: 212
Thanks for the show report Mark. Very useful those of us who couldn't get to the talks.
Minor correction: The IDE podule not a mini podule that would fit in an A3000 but a 16bit 'short' Podule. It is aimed at A300 & A400 series as well as A5000 or RISC PC. The compatibility with many more drives, Compact Flash cards and IDE to SD adaptors than the A5000 and RiscPC's motherboard IDE interface is an important feature.
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Bryan Hogan Message #124366, posted by helpful at 00:49, 31/10/2018, in reply to message #124362
Posts: 203
All the talks are here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdbtoCQ_z-HHAB1-l1nqPVNZnRMi-sRuM
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show 2018 - Notes from the talks