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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show Report 2021

RISC OS London Show Report 2021

Posted by Mark Stephens on 17:00, 30/10/2021 |
After an online version last year, the London Show was back in person (with masks) at the Feltham Hotel. Doors opened at 11am. It was great to be back in the usual venue after a 2 year break. You can see all the stands in our pictures and notes on the talks.
Here is what I saw on the floor.

Rougol as well as running the show, Rougol also had a stand with some software running and a demo of the new Pi Zero 2, running RISC OS out of the box. They also had a big display showing their previous and past meetings. The November meeting is the one where they will rebook the room at the pub, so hoping people will turn up in person.
RISC OS bits had their selection of cases, new EDOS releases, a lap dock running the Pi (providing a very nice portable system) and details on their new ITX motherboard. It would have been on the stand itself, but unfortunately it was still caught up in delays at customs. The FUtilities is not quite ready to ship
Archive magazine had the latest edition available to collect for subscribers and was also discussing his future plans for the magazine. We were also treated to an impromptu demo of DARIC.
Soft Rock Software has their selection of games for RISC OS and were also showing off the new game from Rick Murray. They also had some cute mini RISC PC cases for the Pi.
Cameron Cawley was demonstrating lots of games on his Pinebook. He is working on another port for ScummVM and some other games.
Amcog Games had a very halloween themed stand, with both Andy and Sophia dressed up for the occasion. They had their new Haunted house game available along with the Amcog Games back catalogue. Andy was also selling some charity classical music CDs to raise money for Asthma UK.
The Charity stand had a large selection of items to rifle through in search of a hidden gem.
BBC preservation project were all setup to try and copy any software from your old BBC or RISC OS disks. They also had some nice RISC OS equipment which had been used by BBC to produce Television shows.
RPCEmu had a new release out (0.94) and were selling their charity CDs. They also were demoing some possible ideas for future releases including being about to have multiple versions running and a dynamic recompiled for better performance.
Elesar had their range of software and hardware including their new hotel-friendly update for wifi. I am personally a very enthusiastic user of CloudFS (which makes it very easy for me to share and backup between multiple RISC OS machines in multiple places). So I could understand the Prophet enthusiast I met on the stand. Rob is also working on some exciting new software and hardware projects for 2022.
Orpheus were there to discuss their services (as a customer I can say having fast, reliable Internet has been a life-saver in the lockdowns). Richard was also showing off the latest version of Iris and a new application called Watermark, which has every option you could ever want for adding watermarks onto an image.
ROOL had their full range of hardware, software, books, teeshirts and even some free RISC OS Windows (not that Windows) stickers on their stand they were chatting about their ideas for the next 15 years of RISC OS.
MUG stand was canvassing ideas and support for its planned Virtual Midsummer show on Zoom.
Chris Hall had a large range of his hardware and software projects on how. His 4te was showing how to easily switch between RISC OS and Linux. One of his RISC OS boxes had tracked his journey up from Bristol which he was able to display in OSM.
Drag'n'Drop had the latest edition (Volume 11 now) or their magazine available. There was also a USB with all the previous editions for sale (a large repository of interesting material). The new Application programming book was available to buy.
Organizer had version 2.29b available and also canvassing ideas for new releases.
  RISC OS London Show Report 2021
  DaveLane (11:51 31/10/2021)
  markee174 (12:23 31/10/2021)
    flibble (21:49 31/10/2021)
David R. Lane Message #125230, posted by DaveLane at 11:51, 31/10/2021
Posts: 4
Thanks for the report and photos; but could the photos have captions which would be especially useful for folk who didn't get to the show either for real or online.
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Mark Stephens Message #125231, posted by markee174 at 12:23, 31/10/2021, in reply to message #125230
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 144
They all have a Title caption now
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Peter Howkins Message #125232, posted by flibble at 21:49, 31/10/2021, in reply to message #125231

Posts: 891
Couple of corrections, RPCEmu is version 0.9.4 not 0.94. Also the demonstration of the dynarec improvements was targeting ARM64 chips in addition to the existing code for x86 and x64 architectures.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show Report 2021