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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS South East Show

RISC OS South East Show

Posted by Andrew Poole on 10:58, 20/9/2002 | , , ,
The RISC OS South East Show website is now up and running and has lots of details about the show, which is to take place on 2 November, 2002. It replaces the Acorn World/RISC OS shows of Epsom and Bracknell.

Amongst the crowd of exhibitors will be Peter Naulls and his UNIX ports, who is sharing a stand with The Paul Vigay.

Rather than posting tickets to people in advance, they are simply having low priced tickets on the door to avoid losing them in the post etc.

Hop on over to the Show's website for more information.

  RISC OS South East Show
  tribbles (14:01 20/9/2002)
  fwibbler (20:46 20/9/2002)
    Revin Kevin (23:43 20/9/2002)
      moss (15:23 21/9/2002)
        [mentat] (00:18 30/9/2002)
          moss (12:11 30/9/2002)
Jason Tribbeck Message #91265, posted by tribbles at 14:01, 20/9/2002
Captain Helix

Posts: 929
Cool - just about 10 miles from me, rather than the 300 odd miles to Wakefield.

Rich'll probably want a lift though!

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fwibbler Message #91266, posted by fwibbler at 20:46, 20/9/2002, in reply to message #91265

Posts: 320
Rather more than 10 miles for me, but still the closest show of the year.
My only wish is that the venue had been larger.

Reports I've heard suggest that it was fully booked quite quickly.

Think I'll make a donation to Peter Naulls's (<-spelt right?) web browser fund thingy while I'm there.

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Kevin Wells Message #91267, posted by Revin Kevin at 23:43, 20/9/2002, in reply to message #91266
Posts: 644
Looks very easy to find. But I always take a wrong turning in guildford. Just have to swipe a map from work.
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John Hoare Message #91268, posted by moss at 15:23, 21/9/2002, in reply to message #91267

Posts: 9348
It's ages away from me - might have to wait for Wakefield next year...
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I don't have tourettes you're just a cun Message #91269, posted by [mentat] at 00:18, 30/9/2002, in reply to message #91268
[mentat]Fear is the mind-killer
Posts: 6266
You're coming, moss. Just for the spanking I might give you. (I'll probably be there, by the way :)
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John Hoare Message #91270, posted by moss at 12:11, 30/9/2002, in reply to message #91269

Posts: 9348
OK; I'll be there...
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS South East Show