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The Icon Bar: News and features: SCSI for Iyonix and updates for USB

SCSI for Iyonix and updates for USB

Posted by Phil Mellor on 13:48, 3/5/2003 | , , , , , , ,
Castle have created a universal SCSI filing system for the Iyonix PC. According to Castle, "This gives the ability for third party companies to create or update drivers for a wide range of SCSI cards (both PCI and podule)". It opens the way for Iyonix PC users to connect a wide range of new SCSI devices to their system, and hopefully devices used with earlier RISC OS systems too.

Existing SCSI podule cards can (theoretically) be used with the Iyonix - support for Acorn and Castle SCSI cards will "arrive shortly". Manufacturers of other SCSI cards will have to update their software using tools provided by Castle. Whichever card is used, drivers for the SCSI devices are still required. Drivers are provided by various suppliers - ones for hard drives, CD drives, removeable media and Epson scanners are already available, and Mustek scanners and Nikon CoolScan2 film scanners are on the way.

Castle have also updated the software for their Risc PC / A7000 USB cards to match that provided with the Iyonix. Supported USB hardware includes mice, keyboards, hubs, graphics tablets, and conventional, film and bar code scanners - although some devices may require specific drivers. It still isn't possible to take any "off the shelf" USB device and expect it to work, at least to its full potential - best ask Castle before buying.

This work is of course separate to the Simtec USB protocol. Leading the way with Simtec compatible drivers are Stuart Tyrrell (MP3, wireless networking, keyboards, mice) and Surftec (compact flash).

Castle SCSI information
Castle USB support and developer resources


  SCSI for Iyonix and updates for USB
  SparkY (14:52 3/5/2003)
  bootmaster (20:47 4/5/2003)
    rich (20:59 4/5/2003)
      Horse (11:55 5/5/2003)
        pnaulls (19:29 5/5/2003)
          Horse (14:52 6/5/2003)
Gavin Smith Message #92093, posted by SparkY at 14:52, 3/5/2003
Danger! Danger! High Voltage!
Posts: 697
You need to fix the SCSI link ;) I clicked it and got...
Your browser requested a file or address but our server has not found anything here which matches your request.
The server's threat assessment mechanism has detected the following:
multiple / method
These have been logged and the webmaster made aware. Your computer may be blocked from accessing this server if you are considered a threat.

Quite cool! :)

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bootmaster Message #92094, posted at 20:47, 4/5/2003, in reply to message #92093
Unregistered user SCSI is a little old-hat. Firewire has replaced it. Come to think of it, is Firewire supported under RISC OS?
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Richard Goodwin Message #92095, posted by rich at 20:59, 4/5/2003, in reply to message #92094
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
You need to fix the SCSI link ;) I clicked it and got...
Yeah, I think I need to do a bit of fine-tuning on that particular "exploit" check...
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Horse Message #92096, posted at 11:55, 5/5/2003, in reply to message #92095
Unregistered user One alternative to FireWire (400) is USB 2.0, given that the theoretical throughput is comparable. Certainly, had Castle supported USB 2.0, the range of potentially supported hardware would have been even wider: USB 1.x *and* USB 2.0 devices. Moreover, USB 2.0 is increasingly being adopted in devices which currently employ USB 1.1 - how many FireWire scanners and printers are there, and how many USB scanners and printers are there? Enough said.
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Peter Naulls Message #92097, posted by pnaulls at 19:29, 5/5/2003, in reply to message #92096
Posts: 317
The USB card in Iyonix _is_ USB2, just not supported in software yet.
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Horse Message #92098, posted at 14:52, 6/5/2003, in reply to message #92097
Unregistered user Really? It isn't advertised as such in the "next"-heavy presentation of the Iyonix on their site. I should really hope it is, though.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: SCSI for Iyonix and updates for USB