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The Icon Bar: News and features: SW Show Preview: APDL, Qercus and MW Software

SW Show Preview: APDL, Qercus and MW Software

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 22:17, 22/2/2005 | , , ,
qercusWith a few days left until the South West show, we have previewed some more stands at this years show.

APDL will be launching a new CD under the 4th Dimension label. It will be a compilation of the classic flight simulator games including Birds of War, Chocks Away, Interdictor II and Air Supremacy plus others. The CD has been described as a budget CD, and will cost 14UKP at the show.

Qercus will have Issue 273 for sale and a preview of 274 which will be out "soon after the SW show". Also on sale will be back issues of Qercus, Acorn Publisher, and Acorn User as well as Art CD and "unless EFF are there" the EFF fonts CD.

The Qercus theatre presentation will talk about Qercus, and "the new future of RISC OS now that we appear to be moving to the more stable situation that we have long advocated - ie one OS development for current machines with a range of hardware from a number of developers."

MW Software
printers2MW Software will be making their first SW Show appearance demonstrating their leading vector graphics package Artworks 2.3, and the RISC OS port of Gimp-Print.

MW Software


  SW Show Preview: APDL, Qercus and MW Software
  jonix (11:24 23/2/2005)
  fwibbler (19:54 23/2/2005)
    jmb (20:08 23/2/2005)
Jon Wright Message #93299, posted by jonix at 11:24, 23/2/2005
Posts: 9
I'm a bit confused. In the Qercus section there is a quote about the future of RISC OS being one OS development for current machines. I'm just trying to work out how this is being touted when there still seems to be shenanigans going on between ROL and Castle. ROL appear to be attempting to support any platform although it would seem not the Iyonix due to lack of cooperation from Castle (source).
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fwibbler Message #93300, posted by fwibbler at 19:54, 23/2/2005, in reply to message #93299

Posts: 320
Yes, I wondered about that too.
Maybe its all part of the 'head in sand' approach this market is used to adopting?
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JMB Message #93301, posted by jmb at 20:08, 23/2/2005, in reply to message #93300
Posts: 467
Alternatively, it could simply be:


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The Icon Bar: News and features: SW Show Preview: APDL, Qercus and MW Software