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The Icon Bar: News and features: Star Figher 3000 Other worlds

Star Figher 3000 Other worlds

Posted by Tim Fountain on 15:06, 3/12/2000 | ,
iSV Products posted an announcement to the comp.sys.acorn.announce newsgroup on Friday about the release of a new version of Star Fighter 3000 to be released at the Midlands Show. Along with RISC OS 4 compatibility, "Much improved graphics and sound are among some of the many many enhancements."

The game comes on a CD which also includes a copy of Air Supremacy, Sunburst and Elite (which incidently is freely available from our free games page). The CD costs 15.00 plus 1.50 for UK carriage.

As far as we can tell, this new version of SF3000 is basically a commercial version of Chris Bazley's patches for the game, however we don't know much more than what's in the newsgroup post, so we're trying to get some more info. Watch this space!

  Star Figher 3000 Other worlds
  (13:02 5/12/2000)
  Nathan (13:10 5/12/2000)
    Asp (23:43 6/12/2000)
      Wrath (23:51 6/12/2000)
        Shane (16:46 8/12/2000)
          Chris Bazley (13:09 13/12/2000)
Nathan Walker Message #86818, posted at 13:02, 5/12/2000
Unregistered user StarFigher, really?
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Nathan Message #86819, posted at 13:10, 5/12/2000, in reply to message #86818
Unregistered user I suppose I'd better put a smiley now as I forgot :)
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Asp Message #86820, posted at 23:43, 6/12/2000, in reply to message #86819
Unregistered user Which of course, you know nothing about, DO you Nathan? ;)
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Wrath Message #86821, posted at 23:51, 6/12/2000, in reply to message #86820
Unregistered user I know nothing about everything :-)
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Shane Message #86822, posted at 16:46, 8/12/2000, in reply to message #86821
Unregistered user I don't think much of the new title screen though....:P
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Chris Bazley Message #86823, posted at 13:09, 13/12/2000, in reply to message #86822
Unregistered user Full details of the CD re-release of Star Fighter 3000 are now available on http://www.starfighter.acornarcade.com
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Star Figher 3000 Other worlds