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The Icon Bar: News and features: Tematic Expand

Tematic Expand

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 14:50, 7/4/2005 | , ,
ctltemThe Neo-Acorn era continues to develop with the expansion of Tematic. Following the 'Call for Engineers' in late 2004 Tematic have some more full time development staff. As a result they have had to move to larger premises in Cambridge.

The press release tells us: "The new premises occupy three floors and give Tematic many times the space previously available, providing a modern, integrated, efficient environment for the development of RISC OS solutions to companies throughout the world."

The new address for Tematic is:
3 Signet Court

Press Release


  Tematic Expand
  monkeyson2 (15:09 7/4/2005)
  alasdair (22:14 7/4/2005)
    jmb (23:30 7/4/2005)
      alasdair (18:31 8/4/2005)
        xyzzy (18:56 8/4/2005)
Phil Mellor Message #93445, posted by monkeyson2 at 15:09, 7/4/2005
monkeyson2Please don't let them make me be a monkey butler

Posts: 12380
This is the interesting bit of the press release:

"Our deployment of IP Set Top Box solutions to key clients over the last few months has been successfully
executed on time, and are now shipping in significant volumes giving us a very bright future."

They've got to give us more juicy details on that!

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Alasdair Bailey Message #93446, posted by alasdair at 22:14, 7/4/2005, in reply to message #93445
Posts: 17
Isn't Signet Court where those EMPEG guys were who designed the first car stereo MP3 player? It used a notebook hard drive and had an ARM processor and linux kernel.

never really took off but they main guy there whose name now escapes me was a big Acorn guy.

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JMB Message #93447, posted by jmb at 23:30, 7/4/2005, in reply to message #93446
Posts: 467
alasdair: Hugo Fiennes?
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Alasdair Bailey Message #93448, posted by alasdair at 18:31, 8/4/2005, in reply to message #93447
Posts: 17
Yes, that's the one!

I visited them for Acorn User and we had a nice lunch at a pub up the road that served Thai food. Wasn't your stylish london type pub, just a regular pub owned by Thais.

that was when some crazy guy from ARM tried to convince me that in a few years tme ARM processors would be in phones and that you would be able to browse the web and play games on your phone or somesuch nonsense!

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Andy Wingate Message #93449, posted by xyzzy at 18:56, 8/4/2005, in reply to message #93448
Posts: 25
empeg were at 1 Signet Court.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Tematic Expand