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The Icon Bar: News and features: Thargons spotted in ASCIIville (updated)

Thargons spotted in ASCIIville (updated)

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 01:35, 4/3/2003 | ,
AKA updated versions of ArcElite and NetHack for RISC OS. Ignoring the fact that I'm behind them (read: computer may grow tentacles and eat your house), the updates are as follows:

  • The game will now load a lot quicker on StrongARM machines, as it is now cache-friendly
  • A bug has been fixed which could cause the game to crash by it drawing outside the screen bounds
  • Works OK with the exisiting version of EliteExt, cheat modules, etc.

Downloads are available from right here at Acorn Arcade, or over at my silly website.

NetHack 3.4.1 for RISC OS release '0' (updated)
  • Fresh RISC OS port of the new version (3.4.1)
  • However it's still very early on in development so it may not run perfectly
  • Main feature of this second release (the first being '-1') is the addition of some IBM graphics character definitions to allow the game to be played 'properly', and the fixing of a bug which caused the game to crash after the first level had been drawn
  • You can download the source code now too

You can grab a copy from my website.


What? How did that get here? Bah!

Andrew Sidwell has (indirectly) mentioned to us that he will soon be working on an up-to-date port of Zangband. You can also find some other Angband ports over here.
  Thargons spotted in ASCIIville (updated)
  (17:20 4/3/2003)
  Jeffrey Lee (11:29 6/3/2003)
    Guest (11:20 23/3/2003)
John Hoare Message #87505, posted at 17:20, 4/3/2003
Unregistered user /me will try the new Nethack port tonight :-)
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Jeffrey Lee Message #87506, posted at 11:29, 6/3/2003, in reply to message #87505
Unregistered user For those who've downloaded release 0 before now:

I've just released a small update on my site to fix some files which got missed out of the nhdat archive. I'm blaming the program which made the archive; the wildcarded file names that were given to it should have worked OK >:(

The next release should be tested properly though ;)
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Guest Message #87507, posted at 11:20, 23/3/2003, in reply to message #87506
Unregistered user Indeed, as well as Zangband, me and my brother intend to bring the full range of ports up-to-date. It just requires patience (compiles take a while) and a new icon for each variant. It's not really "work" as such; more like time-wasting.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Thargons spotted in ASCIIville (updated)