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The Icon Bar: News and features: Vector graphics arena hots up

Vector graphics arena hots up

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 11:43, 21/11/2000 | , ,
No sooner has Cerilica announced that it's long awaited Vantage application is nearing completion, than Martin Wuerthner has released what may be his most ambitious ArtWorks upgrade yet - a proper multi-column text handler.

Vantage - described on their site as RISC OS' leading vector package - is long overdue, and has been rumoured by some to be little more than vapourware. However, those of us who have been receiving regular beta copies have seen it shape up until it is, apparently, just one upgrade away from full completion. The updated Cerilica website contains a full feature list, including what is to come in the next (and hopefully final) upgrade.

However, apart from a full undo/redo facility (which is what's stopping me using the package as my main vector editor), one of Vantage's current major ommissions is proper text area control. By releasing now, Martin has brought DTP-like text editing to a RISC OS vector package first.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Vector graphics arena hots up