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The Icon Bar: News and features: Vvroom vvroom!

Vvroom vvroom!

Posted by Phil Mellor on 16:55, 10/12/2003 | , , ,
Advantage Six have added Virtual VRAM technology to their A6 desktop computer, which provides the RISC OS emulator software with access to high colour, high resolution screen modes. All A6 machines shipped by Stuart Tyrrell Developments from 10th December 2003 will be VVRAM enabled. Upgrades will be made available to existing customers in due course.

No word yet on whether this is a feature specific to the A6 or a Virtual RPC development from which other emulator products can benefit - but we'll find out.

Pop over to the A6 web site to see a natty new picture of the all black A6 setup.

Press release
The A6
Virtual Acorn

  Vvroom vvroom!
  monkeyson2 (17:11 10/12/2003)
  g0at (19:18 10/12/2003)
    andypoole (11:43 12/12/2003)
      flibble (16:47 12/12/2003)
Phil Mellor Message #92618, posted by monkeyson2 at 17:11, 10/12/2003
monkeyson2Please don't let them make me be a monkey butler

Posts: 12380
Appalling headline, there.
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g0at Message #92619, posted at 19:18, 10/12/2003, in reply to message #92618
Unregistered user But didn't you get to choose it?
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Andrew Poole Message #92620, posted by andypoole at 11:43, 12/12/2003, in reply to message #92619

Posts: 5552
no, they're thought up by the trained and winged monkeys
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Peter Howkins Message #92621, posted by flibble at 16:47, 12/12/2003, in reply to message #92620

Posts: 874
This is similar to what could be acheived on red-squirrel with RISC OS 3.6 and 3.7 by upping the VIDC bandwidth limit. I'm glad that those who paid for a product get the benifit too.


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The Icon Bar: News and features: Vvroom vvroom!