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The Icon Bar: News and features: WebsterXL updated - Oregano hot on its heals?

WebsterXL updated - Oregano hot on its heals?

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 11:17, 24/8/2001 | ,
It seemed like such an easy posting to make. WebsterXL has been "upgraded". Oregano 2 promised Real Soon Now. They're both web browsers, so I could squash both into one small news posting. You'd think even I couldn't mess that one up, right?

Several paragraphs later and I realise it's not a news posting, it's a whole article, so I've put it in the Columns section.

The article in full

  WebsterXL updated - Oregano hot on its heals?
  (17:26 26/8/2001)
  Andrew Weston (11:13 27/8/2001)
    Andrew Sidwell (19:39 27/8/2001)
      Anonymous (16:50 28/8/2001)
        Gary (02:16 7/9/2001)
Stuart Halliday Message #89001, posted at 17:26, 26/8/2001
Unregistered user The main reason why Oregano went down the route of using its own Font manager, etc. was due to them finding out that Acorn wanted a huge sum of money for the license to use the Acorn Font Manager.<P>
So they just went and designed their own!<P>
I've seen a number of of alternative Font Managers for RISC OS (not released publically) which have been developed as quite honestly Acorn's is not that good. It only handles Acorn Fonts, not the more standard TrueType and its Anti-Aliasing is very poor these days at only 16 levels.<P>
Maybe we'll yet see one of these Font Managers on sale yet, perhaps not.
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Andrew Weston Message #89002, posted at 11:13, 27/8/2001, in reply to message #89001
Unregistered user Just a moment - I don'y believe the font manager should support True-type fonts. Yes, there should be conversion facilities but the idea of using and enjoying a different OS is to have separate facilities.
Where does this line of thinking end? Make the whole operating system supportive of PC features? Why not seek to develop our own operating system to the best possible extent?
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Andrew Sidwell Message #89003, posted at 19:39, 27/8/2001, in reply to message #89002
Unregistered user TrueType, or indeed OpenType, would be a great addition. And how do you mean 16 levels of anti-aliasing isn't that good these days? Linux has only just got support for it and newer WinDOS PCs only smudge, and hence make it impossible to read when using small fonts. To be fair, Acorn's Font Manager is very good, and although a system that supported Unicode would be better than the current one. At least it's better than WinDOS'.
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Anonymous Message #89004, posted at 16:50, 28/8/2001, in reply to message #89003
Unregistered user Pace have a FontManager that supports Unicode...
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Gary Message #89005, posted at 02:16, 7/9/2001, in reply to message #89004
Unregistered user Unicode support came with Acorn's !Browse. Although I'm not sure how it is actually implemented.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: WebsterXL updated - Oregano hot on its heals?