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The Icon Bar: News and features: What would you like/hope to see in 2017

What would you like/hope to see in 2017

Posted by Mark Stephens on 10:24, 31/12/2016 |
The last day of 2016 is a time to look forward to 2017. So what would you like to see in 2017? Here is my wishlist to get you thinking....
1. Full release of twin monitor support for my Titanium.
2. New versions of !EasiWriter and !Artworks (which have not see new releases since 2012/2013).
3. A new RISC OS 5 stable release.
4. Continued improvements to !Otter (90% of my time is spent in JavaScript heavy applications like BaseCamp, Trello and Fogbugz which do not currently work). I would love to be able to access these on RISC OS.
5. A new version of !Zap with all the versions merged together. It is still my favourite tool for editing and examining alsorts of files (I use it for dissecting the guts of PDF files at work).
  What would you like/hope to see in 2017
  dfeugey (11:56 31/12/2016)
  Bucksboy (19:06 31/12/2016)
    Gavin (12:11 2/1/2017)
David Feugey Message #123979, posted by dfeugey at 11:56, 31/12/2016
Posts: 35
Very good summary.

I'll add:
New DDE.
Pi3 support.
Better RDP / VNC clients.
RPC support for ArchiEmu smile

[Edited by dfeugey at 11:56, 31/12/2016]
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George Greenfield Message #123980, posted by Bucksboy at 19:06, 31/12/2016, in reply to message #123979
Posts: 63
I'd like to see !Otter development continue and also that of !CloudFS - both constitute a major step forward for RISC OS in their respective fields IMHO. I'd also love to see further progress towards multi-core operation, though I don't underestimate the obstacles that lie on this path.
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Gavin Wraith Message #123981, posted by Gavin at 12:11, 2/1/2017, in reply to message #123980
Posts: 21
I would like to see the Norcroft C compiler and the shared C library brought up to date so that floating point arithmetic could be realized in hardware when using the Raspberry Pi (et al.). At the moment GCC (4.7.4) is the only package I know of that offers hard floats.
It would be nice to have an official RISC OS distribution for the Raspberry Pi 3.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: What would you like/hope to see in 2017