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The Icon Bar: News and features: Apples updates MacOS to Catalina

Apples updates MacOS to Catalina

Posted by Mark Stephens on 14:21, 9/10/2019 |
Apple now releases a yearly update of their MacOS operating system which is free to all users of supported machines. The latest version, named Catalina, was released this week.
The reason this is news to RISC OS users is that one big feature is the removal of support for 32bit applications. This has been announced for some time but finally happens in this release. If you remember the RISC OS move from 26bit to 32bit you will appreciate this is the point where some applications stop working unless updated. And it may break the Mac RISC OS emulator you are using....
When you run the MacOS installer, it tells you which applications will no longer work. You will see my copy of both VirtualRPC and RPCEmu are on the list.

After the update, you will get this message if you try and run VirtualRPC.

So if you currently want to run RISC OS emulation on a recent Mac machine, you may want to delay upgrading to Catalina.
We will be looking at RISC OS emulation options for Catalina in a later article....
  Apples updates MacOS to Catalina
  markee174 (08:26 29/10/2019)
Mark Stephens Message #124637, posted by markee174 at 08:26, 29/10/2019
Posts: 92
I now have RPCEmu running as a replacement on my Linux partition. The latest version makes it very easy to setup networking
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Apples updates MacOS to Catalina