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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive 24:5 Reviewed

Archive 24:5 Reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:37, 15/11/2019 | ,
It has been a long time in the making, but Archive 24:5 is finally out!
It is a solid 56 page edition catching up on developments in the last year or so. Jim Nagel is an old-school journalist (I still fondly remember his Computer Shopper columns in my youth) and he maintains very high production standards for the magazine.

This has the advantage, that the analysis can be more considered. As you would expect there is in depth coverage of RISC OS being Open Sourced under the Apache license. The news section is however, bang up to date with breaking news included right up to the London Show.
What really makes Archive is the user-contributed content, with many regular contributors. Gerald Fitton runs items on Pipedream/Fireworkz and in his latest article he talks about time and how best to display it in spreadsheets.
Steve Royd-Maker has an article on how he has tweaked the design of his Picano Pi case, naturally using a stack of RISC OS software for the design changes.
David Brown continues to show us how to use the free SchemEd software for circuit design. In part 3 we are learning about creating symbols.
Chris Hall has reached part 4 of his series on Using GPS on RISC OS. If you saw his Satnav hardware and software at one of the shows, you can fins our all about his systems.
Alan Adams has been monitoring the temperature in his fridge/freezer with some sensors from CJEmicros , a Pi and some lines of BBC BASIC. He takes us from concept to final implementation.
For users of other platforms, there Bimal Jangara covers Windows releases and updates. I always enjoy reading the Mac Matters column as I have usually forgotten what I have written by the time it is published!
Lastly Steven J Green has build himself a nifty little custom portable and integrated Wispy into it.
Archive is (as usual) really good read. My only complaint is the erratic release schedule.
The fact there is a new Archive website is hopefully a promising omen for more regular updates.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive 24:5 Reviewed