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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive Edition 27:2 reviewed

Archive Edition 27:2 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:17, 2/5/2024 |

Archive Magazine Volume 27 issue 2 was available at Wakefield and should be on its way or already arrived if you are a subscriber.

Inside you will find 48 pages of news, reviews, opinion, plus hints and tips.

As usual, Gavin starts with column which now tends to include some teasers to future articles (no spoilers here!) and a nice (upbeat) summary of where we are in 2024 with RISC OS. Subscription fees have increased due to rises in postage. You can have just a digital subscription and also renew for 2 years (I have just signed up). 

The regular 6 page news section covers all the software and hardware releases at Wakefield along with useful dates for your diary.

Rob Sprowson has a 5 page article on all you need to know about RISC OS 5:30 including new features and the technical changes under the hood.

Andrew Rawnsley starts a 'semi-regular' column about what RISC OS Developments have been up to, starting with wifi and networking. Wifi would seem to be the theme of this edition with Andy Marks also giving us a preview of ROOL wifi support.
Lesser spotted RISC OS is a column that highlights valuable older apps that you may have forgotten even exist. Bernard Boase discusses four useful apps, all of which are still compatible with RISC OS 5.

Archive regular Chris Hall has 3 articles in this edition, including a look at adding a RealTimeClock to the PiRo Qube and one explaining at how !Boot works.

The regular Hearsay column features an interview with Paolo Fabio Zaino about his RISC OS coding projects (including his Desktop Modernisation Project) and his RISC OS background.

In part 2 of the Cube Splines series we get down to making it work.

And if you need to unwind after  all that, RISC OS Arcade looks at some recent games releases from Amcog games.

As always there are also lots of hints and tips tucked in between articles and I have left plenty surprises for you to find...

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive Edition 27:2 reviewed