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The Icon Bar: News and features: Castle reduce 19" LCD price [updated]

Castle reduce 19" LCD price [updated]

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:44, 20/8/2004 | , ,
Yup, just 369 of your earth pounds, that's down 290 UKP, on this 19" LCD. They've just introduced a shiny new triple input model, which it's been pointed out is the one on offer not the old dual input one, but as this seemed too good to be true I thought they might just be flogging off the old ones. Not so, it would appear. Oh, and naturally this is only if you are buying an IYONIX, I thought that bit went without saying.

Check the press release link below, but BEWARE OF SHOUTY HEADINGS

Source: The Right Press Release This Time

  Castle reduce 19" LCD price [updated]
  ian.l (14:40 20/8/2004)
  Matthew (16:20 20/8/2004)
    will.ling (17:52 20/8/2004)
Ian Lowry Message #93155, posted by ian.l at 14:40, 20/8/2004
Posts: 1
The 19" offered is a triple input version according to the Press release. Although if it is the LLT 19D1, which agrees with all the specs offered, then it is currently available for ?404; so not such a spectacular saving.
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Matthew Somerville Message #93156, posted by Matthew at 16:20, 20/8/2004, in reply to message #93155

Posts: 520
This price is also only if you buy a "new, top-of-the-range Panther, IYONIX, or X100 pc" at the same time; normal price is given as "534GBP".
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Will Ling Message #93157, posted by will.ling at 17:52, 20/8/2004, in reply to message #93156
Posts: 1
Price on the press release is correct. The website will be corrected as soon as BT fix the phone lines in the office. I can't fix it from here 'cos I can't remember the passwords off the top of my head...
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Castle reduce 19" LCD price [updated]