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The Icon Bar: News and features: Christmas post

Christmas post

Posted by Phil Mellor on 02:12, 25/12/2003 | , , , , ,
Drobe boffin Peter Naulls has been as busy as Santa's elves putting together the latest ARM Linux release for Iyonix computers. The release fixes the long awaited lack of sound and real time clock support, as well as featuring an accelerated driver for the NVidia graphics card. Peter thanks Xios for helping make the developments possible.

These improvements and updated video driver will form a new CD release early next year, and Peter is also testing the water for providing Linux fully installed on a hard drive to slot in your machine - contact Peter if you're interested in this.

And, after gratiously receiving TIB's prize for back-from-pub-news-posting award (and after apologising for any spelling or slurring of words resulting from this), I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year - hope you have a good one :)

  Christmas post
  ad (09:26 25/12/2003)
  cb (00:53 26/12/2003)
    pnaulls (12:12 26/12/2003)
Andrew Duffell Message #92642, posted by ad at 09:26, 25/12/2003

Posts: 3262
Happy Christmas :)
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cb Message #92643, posted at 00:53, 26/12/2003, in reply to message #92642
Unregistered user What use is an X86 driver for the nvidia card? Was this a typo for Xfree86? If so, surely the "nv" driver should work.
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Peter Naulls Message #92644, posted by pnaulls at 12:12, 26/12/2003, in reply to message #92643
Posts: 317
Woo, another anonymous post to allow posting of moose :p

The nv driver "should work" - well, perhaps - what version are you referring to (4.1/2/3/4)? Are you taking into account the red/blue swapping on the Iyonix graphics card? Or indeed the X86 assumptions in the nv driver (or the rest of XFree86)? Seems not ;-)

Yes, the nv does work - at least, the version I backported from XFree86 CVS to 4.1 and modified to address the other issues I've named above, along with some changes I made to the main XFree86 code.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Christmas post