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The Icon Bar: News and features: DIY IYONIX kit


Posted by Richard Goodwin on 16:05, 18/10/2004 | , , , ,
iyonixCastle have emailed details of their money-saving DIY kit for building your very own top-of-the-line RISC OS machine.

For just 729 of your earth pounds[*] (that's inc. VAT), you get the motherboard - including CPU, networking etc. - OS, graphics card and so on. You then add your own memory, drives, monitor and all that jazz, either from Castle themselves, or your friendly neighbourhood box shifter. Caveat Emptor however: you need to be careful that the extra components will work in the IYONIX pc.

Hit the press release for more info, or check out the official IYONIX pc site. Only two per customer, no pushing, no shoving etc.

[729 GBP =~ 1049 EURO according to the xe.com currency converter]

Link: Press Release

  ad (16:35 18/10/2004)
  Col (12:23 19/10/2004)
    monkeyson2 (12:44 19/10/2004)
Andrew Duffell Message #93189, posted by ad at 16:35, 18/10/2004

Posts: 3261
Cool! Wonder how it will go if you build an IYONIX, and then flog it on eBay. You could theoretically make a profit on them.
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Colin Cartmell-Browne Message #93190, posted by Col at 12:23, 19/10/2004, in reply to message #93189
Posts: 89
I doubt you'd make much of a profit by the time you've brought all the other bits you needed, like USB, monitor, case, keyboard, mouse etc etc etc.
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Phil Mellor Message #93191, posted by monkeyson2 at 12:44, 19/10/2004, in reply to message #93190
monkeyson2Please don't let them make me be a monkey butler

Posts: 12380
It will be interesting to see how cheaply somebody can get Iyonixed... likewise it would be fun to see the most outrageously specced, priced, or cased Iyonix someone can produce.

Anyway, I'm sure Castle only introduced this offer to irritate Moss after he's just bought one.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: DIY IYONIX kit