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The Icon Bar: News and features: Insert witty remark about Amigas here

Insert witty remark about Amigas here

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 12:54, 4/1/2007 | ,
The Inquirer have reported that AmigaOS 4 has now been released. But the only machine capable of running it natively went out of production last month. Doh!
The article goes into a fair amount of detail about the history of Amiga and Amiga-compatible hardware and operating systems, and reminds me somewhat of the Acorn/RISC OS story. But no matter how much the article tries to promote AmigaOS as being some miraculously small and fast OS, we all know that RISC OS is better. Right?
... right?
  Insert witty remark about Amigas here
  pnaulls (17:23 4/1/2007)
  Chris (20:15 4/1/2007)
    Col (21:53 4/1/2007)
      jessh (13:53 5/1/2007)
  epistaxsis (02:53 6/1/2007)
Peter Naulls Message #96651, posted by pnaulls at 17:23, 4/1/2007
Posts: 317
That history makes my head spin, and makes RISC OS history look like a walk in the park. Of course, an Amiga user looking at RISC OS history might say something similar.

What the article misses is the huge amount of in-fighting and development stagnation that occurred between the various factions. Something that's occurred to some degree in RISC OS, but for the most part is just noise, due to the large degree of compatibility between RISC OS versions.

The main headline technical difference between RISC OS and AmigaOS is that the latter has PMT, whilst RISC OS remains in the 1980s without it. Of course, there are plenty of other smaller differences, and the platforms are only similar on a very superficial level.

And despite concerted efforts, AmigaOS still sadly lacks a Firefox port.
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Chris Message #96657, posted by Chris at 20:15, 4/1/2007, in reply to message #96651
Posts: 283
I wonder what the size of the Amiga market is? As a games machine, at least in the UK, it sold millions of units and was much bigger than the Acorn community. But games have (by and large) dried-up for both platforms, and I suspect RISC OS has the edge for serious software (are there Amiga equivalents of ArtWorks, NetSurf, PhotoDesk, Ov Pro, in addition to the above-mentioned Firefox?).
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Colin Cartmell-Browne Message #96660, posted by Col at 21:53, 4/1/2007, in reply to message #96657
Posts: 89
The only serious piece of software I had for my Amiga was a word processing package called Platinum Scribble. Can't remember a thing about it as i never used it (it was totally incompatible with my schools computers which were...Acorns)

The games were pretty good though, as was the Amiga500 itself. Its still going (my mum plays on it now) and its got to be close to 15 years old!

How many 15 year old win pc's still work?

[Edited by Col at 14:03, 5/1/2007]

[Edited by Col at 14:03, 5/1/2007]
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Jess Hampshire Message #96694, posted by jessh at 13:53, 5/1/2007, in reply to message #96660
Posts: 12
Given all the new Power PC based consoles, I'm surprised that the new OS hasn't been made to run on them.
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keith dunlop Message #96779, posted by epistaxsis at 02:53, 6/1/2007, in reply to message #96651

Posts: 159
And despite concerted efforts, AmigaOS still sadly lacks a Firefox port.
And thanks to you we do :-D

And it is a pertinent point - check this link: http://www.osnews.com/story.php/16844/Show-Us-Your-Desktop!

Look at the screenshots and you will see that *most* have firefox running...

It is a boon to us to have it :-D
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Insert witty remark about Amigas here