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The Icon Bar: News and features: Internal Modems @ 25!

Internal Modems @ 25!

Posted by Alasdair Bailey on 15:50, 6/9/2000 | ,
Surftec Ltd. yesterday announced the sale of a number of 28.8kbps internal modems for just 19 plus 6 postage and VAT. Unlike most modems traditionally used by RISC OS users, these internal modems are mounted on a standard podule card design so will slot into the back of a RiscPC or A7000 without untidy cables or an external power supply.

The modems probably originate from the days of the NC when they were manufactured in large quantities to meet expected demand which never really materialised.

Contact Surftec Ltd on 01428 608121 or come along to the Epsom Show in October and buy one there. Before you make plans to upgrade, bear in mind these are rather slow 28.8Kbps models compared to the current ISDN or 56.6Kbps standards. For a budget solution though, you can't go far wrong!

  Internal Modems @ 25!
  (21:28 9/9/2000)
Richard D Skegg Message #88088, posted at 21:28, 9/9/2000
Unregistered user I've had one of these since January fitted in my RISC PC. Previously I had an external 56k modem and quite honestly I've not notice the difference. Good value I reckon.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Internal Modems @ 25!