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The Icon Bar: News and features: New Iyonix offer

New Iyonix offer

Posted by Phil Mellor on 22:14, 20/3/2003 | , , , , ,
Castle Technology have a tempting new offer - the IYONIX pc MAX. For 1399 you get 512MB RAM, a 100GB hard drive and a CD writer; this is 150 more than the cheapest configuration with 128MB/40GB/CD. Is this offer designed to win over potential (and perhaps impatient) purchasers of the Omega?

Castle's pricing strategy will last until the end of April - which coincides with the annual Wakefield Show. Perhaps further special prices will be announced for the event, especially since at least one Omega there will be made available for free.

  New Iyonix offer
  thegman (11:54 21/3/2003)
  ksattic (16:37 21/3/2003)
    fwibbler (19:24 21/3/2003)
      AndyPoole at Home (19:25 22/3/2003)
        Gulli (20:40 22/3/2003)
          Drew (00:35 15/4/2003)
Garry Taylor Message #91956, posted by thegman at 11:54, 21/3/2003
Posts: 65
I'm not sure how it would lure over wannabe-Omega-owners, as the Iyonix MAX is nothing you could not do yourself to a normal Iyonix, and maybe save a couple of quid. If the Omega finally appears with the 1GHz (one day...) then the Iyonix will need to undercut, not be more expensive.
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Simon Wilson Message #91957, posted by ksattic at 16:37, 21/3/2003, in reply to message #91956
Finally, an avatar!

Posts: 1291
True, and this offer is almost identical to the top-spec offer that Castle had before Xmas. The only difference was the 80GB hard drive. Though it does mean you get slightly more for your money now.

Actually, all I use the 80GB space on my Iyonix for is to back up my PC's 60GB drive! I only need to leave about a gig for my RISC OS stuff! :o)

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fwibbler Message #91958, posted by fwibbler at 19:24, 21/3/2003, in reply to message #91957

Posts: 320
Ah, then you're using your PC for far too much;-)
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AndyPoole at Home Message #91959, posted at 19:25, 22/3/2003, in reply to message #91958
Unregistered user Admittedly I seem to be using my PC far too much too :(
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Gunnlaugur Jonsson Message #91960, posted by Gulli at 20:40, 22/3/2003, in reply to message #91959
Posts: 138
Wonder why that's happening!
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Drew Message #91961, posted at 00:35, 15/4/2003, in reply to message #91960
Unregistered user 80Gb???? 640k should be enough for anyone ;o).
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The Icon Bar: News and features: New Iyonix offer