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The Icon Bar: News and features: Qercus back on form

Qercus back on form

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 09:11, 16/2/2005 | , , , ,
John Cartmell, editor of Qercus today confirmed that the latest issue (issue 273) of Qercus is in the post. "Issue 274 has just been sent to the printers and is expected out early in March", and they are about to start on issue 275 and hope to get that out before the end of March. If anyone wants to advertise or contribute to this issue, they should contact Qercus.
The original plan for Qercus was to alternate between graphics articles and other RISC OS articles, but from now onwards Qercus will try to have a wider range of articles, with many on a monthly basis. Because of this the special Graphics issues only subscriptions will be no longer.
"New subscriptions will be for 6 or 12 issues and the new 6-issue subscription will cost just £27.95." John told us.
Up until 25th March John is offering "Icon Bar readers who have not been recent subscribers" to get a free example copy of Qercus if they send them their name and address, and if any Icon Bar readers want to subscribe immediately they will get an extra issue free and start the subscription with the latest two issues available.
The example articles below are in PDF format, and can be read using !PDF (Basic includes two articles).

Article Preview
(pdf) 589kb
Article Preview
(pdf) 925kb
These articles are from the current issue. The first is part of a Basic BASIC tutorial series, and the second is a short story from Harriet Bazley.
This is an older graphics article which shows how to draw a Fox in Artworks.

Qercus articles ©copyright their respective authors and Acorn Publisher

Qercus Website
"Qercus Issue 273 here" article
"Qercus back in action" article

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Qercus back on form