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The Icon Bar: News and features: Quake - Single Player Maps

Quake - Single Player Maps

Posted by Alasdair Bailey on 00:00, 30/10/2000 | , ,

Single Player Maps

Single Player Maps

Here's a small selection of the best single player maps available for Quake. Others are available from the popular ftp sites such as ftp.cdrom.com but all of these have been checked for RISC OS compatibility and are hosted locally so you don't have to search the net for a good link!
If you have a map you would like to see reviewed here, email me at alasdair@acornarcade.com, please do not send files without prior notice.

Making the levels work

Once downloaded, decompress the contents of the zip file to !(Arc)Quake.id1.maps. Then, load the game and if it's a single player map, go to new game then type map [mapfilename] in the console (accessed by pressing the ` key in the top left corner of the keyboard below the escape key). This should land you in the new map, do the same for multiplayer maps but make sure you go through the multiplayer options in the menus to turn off the cheats!


Speed Key

Some patches will add extensively to the amount of processing power needed to run the game at an acceptable rate. Here at Acorn Arcade, we employ a simple system for rating patches:
Red Hot Chilli Pepper Fast - doesn't make the game any slower
Borderline Blue - acceptable on a StrongARM 233 chip
Terribly Slow - far too slow, perhaps still playable with a reduced screen size


Alba - Ancient Scotland


This map places you in 14th century Scotland. The English have taken over your homelands and it's still some 600 years before some aussie will play your part in a movie about killing English people (Braveheart for the uneducated amongst us!).
It's well worthe the download - it's fun to play yet still a little trickey in places. Although it calls itself a total conversion, there's no new monsters and only a few new textures so it's here rather than on the QuakeC page.
Getting it to work
Alba works more like a QuakeC patch than an extra map. As such, installation is different to that described above. Treat the download as if it were a QuakeC patch and you can't go far wrong.


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The Icon Bar: News and features: Quake - Single Player Maps