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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 2000 preliminary report

RISC OS 2000 preliminary report

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 15:00, 21/10/2000 | , , , , ,
So I'm here sweating away at the Epsom racecourse, several pounds lighter as a result of Chris Hornby's kind offer of a loan of a digital camera - after taking several pictures which I'll upload when I get home tonight, I didn't want to part with it and instead ended up parting with some hard-earned cash.

The big news is that Microdigital have announced that they're releasing a new StrongARM machine, which not only comes with a RevT card but has the option to upgrade to a 600 or 733 Mhz Xscale card. Apparently both Acorn User and Archive are claiming the exclusive, although Dave Walker was heard to mention to Acorn User that he could be interested in purchasing...

RiscStation had a laptop of sorts, although problems with one of the parts - apparently a manufacturer changed the spec last week from 5 volts to 3.3, causing a few headaches. The mockup machine was in evidence however, even if it did turn out to be a Windows machine with a RISC OS desktop as a screensaver! A quick chat with Mark on the stand (and a little eavesdropping) showed that they have some big plans for the Evolution too.

The Imago board was present too, but the best part of the demo Nucleus machine surely has to be the built-in toolset attached to the back of the machine!

More later, as I'm hogging the Oregano stand ATM :)

update: it's been a long day so the full report will have to wait until tomorrow; however, I've not been completely idle since returning from the show, and I'm curently uploading pictures from the show.

  RISC OS 2000 preliminary report
  (16:37 21/10/2000)
  Paul Stewart (23:56 21/10/2000)
    Andrew Weston (10:22 22/10/2000)
      mentat (12:04 23/10/2000)
mentat Message #88104, posted at 16:37, 21/10/2000
Unregistered user It's been a good show so far, even though Microdigital were sadly lacking in presence. Can't blame them though, the weather here is awful. ;-)

Despite the clouds, the RiscStation laptop created such unprecedented interest that Roy Hislop had to do a repeat of his theatre show ...!

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Paul Stewart Message #88105, posted at 23:56, 21/10/2000, in reply to message #88104
Unregistered user Not able to attend the show this year. Although I certainly hope to be able to buy the new machine from Microdigital. At last the RISC OS platform will have a machine that truely takes us into the Millenium and at price on par with the qualify PC manufactures.

The next generation StrongARM support is also promising, giving prospective buyers the confidence of an almost guaranteed upgrade path.

The hardware is now here. Now all we need is the OS, software and marketing guys to catch up!!!
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Andrew Weston Message #88106, posted at 10:22, 22/10/2000, in reply to message #88105
Unregistered user What did Castle have to say at their seminar?
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mentat Message #88107, posted at 12:04, 23/10/2000, in reply to message #88106
Unregistered user Exactly what they said at wakefield... ;-)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 2000 preliminary report