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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - FAST Xmas tree

RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - FAST Xmas tree

Posted by Mark Stephens on 05:58, 8/12/2023 | ,

This time round we have a very FAST tree, thanks to RISCOSbits. Over to you Andy...

Maybe you're looking forward to a FAST Festive Season this year, and RISCOSbits are more than happy to help you celebrate.
FAST, if you don't know, is a custom version of RISC OS, 'stuffing' in a full-speed SATA driver to create the FASTest RISC OS machines to blow away the winter blues.
Several seasonal offers are available to tempt you to forget your turkey leftovers in favour of a furious feast of FAST computing.

The FIRE is the entry level pre-built system with 2GB RAM, 2GHz CPU, and a 256GB SSD - more than enough to fatten your goose for the whole festive season, and the rest of the year, too! And it comes in a cool aluminium case in either black or silver.

The next system is the PYRO, which echoes the specification and dark looks of the FIRE but adds a SATA-connected optical drive, for a bit of extra seasonal sparkle. There's nothing duff about this plum.

Top of the FAST Festive tree is the tinsel-topped FURY, presenting itself with 4GB RAM, and a 1TB filecore drive. Yes, one terabyte of RISC OS storage, using a special 4k sector drive created with a custom formatting tool. It'll Hogmanay a file with ease.
In addition to pre-built systems that brighten the dark winter nights (and the long summer days too), there are a range of DIY kits to save you from a Boxing Day trip to B&Q.
From the CORE kit, which gives you access to the SATA driver and hardware to speed up your Compute Module 4 set up, through to the build it yourself FLEX kit, there are some real Christmas Crackers to be had, from less than a hundred quid - no (terrible) joke!
Further details of FAST, including some resolutions for the coming year can be found at the RISCOS FAST website and to buy from the FAST store.
If you're waiting for your Christmas money, but have some savings in your stocking now, you can pay over three interest free instalments to take you right through Dry January.

For those of you attending the MUG Christmas Market tomorrow, there's a chance to see the new, prototype FAST Mystery Machine (which you can help name!), demonstrating a case of two heads being better than one!

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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - FAST Xmas tree