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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - PiHard Xmas tree

RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - PiHard Xmas tree

Posted by Mark Stephens on 05:36, 1/12/2023 | ,

Welcome to the TIB 2023 Advent Calendar. This year will be featuring screens, machines, and anything with RISC OS on it! All the items are submitted by our readers (it's not too late to send us yours). How many doors we have is entirely up to YOU.....

First up, we have a PiHard 'Xmas tree' built of PiHard systems from RISCOSbits (although I would be pretty pleased to get any one of them under the tree). Over to you Andy...

RISCOSbits have quite a few baubles from their Pi Hard range, to tantalise your tree this year, including two new machines celebrating their first festive season.

The first new machine to deck the halls is the eMMC4 - based on the Compute Module 4 with 32GB of fast eMMC storage and the option of a separate SSD.

Second up is the tiniest of tinsel-wrapped treats - the PiRO Qube. Again, packing a Compute Module 4 with that same eMMC storage, but in a case so small, you might just be able to hide it behind a small stack of sprouts! It also has the option of a Linux NVMe drive for super fast dual boot.

Some other machines from the Pi Hard range are also available, all with whisper quiet fans, so as not to disturb your Silent Night. The rugged Pi Harder and it's recently improved matte black sibling, the PiRO Noir,  both have the ability to host SSDs inside a compact case with power control and temperature adjustable fans.

And finally, the more mature FOURtress, combining a compact chassis with performance so good, it'll jingle your bells. With custom software controlled fan and full power control, the petite powerhouse can star on anyone's tree.

You can obtain all of these delectable delights for a pre-Christmas delivery by going to the Pi Hard store where you can select your perfect present and upgrades. There's even an option to spread the cost of your RISC OS Christmas with three interest-free instalments.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - PiHard Xmas tree