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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS Developments Pinboard update

RISC OS Developments Pinboard update

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:53, 1/12/2020 |
RISC OS Developments seem to be very busy these days. Not content with resurrecting lots of classic software, creating a Browser and pushing RISC OS forwards, they have also been working on an updated version of Pinboard.

The new Pinboard is written in C and aims to be backwards compatible with the current RISC OS (and where possible RISC OS Select) Pinboards. It aims to add new features and to make the Pinboard more 'friendly' to new users.
The software is currently described as Alpha, but it is very usable. It is installed by merging in a new copy of !Boot and rebooting. There is a BASIC program supplied to revert.
The easiest way to see what has changed is to view the config menu

or the menu option

You will see there are lots of new toys in the cupboard!

The Open Pinboard folder provides a directory for saving files into so that they appear on the desktop. If you drag a file onto the Desktop, you will still get a link.
There are some improvements (which you can configure to make the desktop links look more visually clear and appealing) and more menu options. Make a note that these links can work like 'hard links' and you can delete the file from the shortcut.

Pinboard has an autosave option, so you can come back to find your desktop exactly as you left it.
Lastly, you now have sticky notes.

The new Pinboard looks like a really exciting update for RISC OS users. The best way to appreciate the Pinboard is to download and try it. The software is not yet on general release but if you would like to help testing, you can request a copy.
Once it is ready, the plan is to release it as part of the OS via ROOL.
  RISC OS Developments Pinboard update
  nytrex (12:25 2/12/2020)
Alan Robertson Message #125016, posted by nytrex at 12:25, 2/12/2020
Posts: 73
The RISC OS pinboard has really lagged behind all other Operating Systems for a long time. It's really great to see a new version being created to bring it up feature parity with other modern Operating Systems.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS Developments Pinboard update