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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS software to download from !Store

RISC OS software to download from !Store

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:47, 22/9/2017 | ,
In previous articles, we looked at package managers and some of the software available on !PackMan. In this article we are going to highlight some of the software available in !Store and ask for your suggestions.
When you run !Store, it offers you a long list of files and includes both free and commercial software (which you can buy via !Store). As with !Packman it gives you a front end to make it easy to search, provide more details and you can select categories.

If you are looking to run old software on a new machine, our old friend Aemulor is available as free download. There is also in interesting Atari ST emulator called Hatari if you want a real ‘GEM’ environment on your machine.

!Store is also the home for the latest version of !Impression. (although I would criticise the broken link which goes nowhere and looks bad. The pages like PMS Music scribe also include broken links).

Some very high quality software originally written by David Pilling is now freely available and you can find this on !Store.

!Store offers more than software, and you will also find fonts and copies of DraG’N’Drop (which we reviewed here).

What are you downloading from !Store?
  RISC OS software to download from !Store
  arawnsley (10:28 22/9/2017)
  Elesar (15:56 22/9/2017)
Andrew Rawnsley Message #124167, posted by arawnsley at 10:28, 22/9/2017
R-Comp chap
Posts: 595
Thanks for the article, Mark. I should like to clarify that since !Store hosts its own downloads, broken developer links won't mean "can't download software" which is a common problem online. This was a specific design decision, because this was/is a real problem for older RISC OS software online (see any online RISC OS software database).

However, each supplier and application can have a separate, clickable, web-link associated with it, to lead back to the developer's website. This was something a lot of developers were very keen on, as they want to see traffic to their own sites too. Of course, if a developer closes their website or otherwise changes things...

Anyway, I'll look into the examples mentioned, although when a developer has provided their own link, I'm cautious of the ethics regarding "removing" the link just because it isn't presently active.

[Edited by arawnsley at 10:29, 22/9/2017]
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Robert Sprowson Message #124168, posted by Elesar at 15:56, 22/9/2017, in reply to message #124167
Posts: 42
Anyway, I'll look into the examples mentioned
Since the article mentions Aemulor, it's worth asking if the Aemulor entry is ghost written or by Spellings themselves? While the A8/A9 version is listed the similarly gratis Cortex A15 version, which came out in 2015 http://sendiri.co.uk/#aemulor doesn't have an entry.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS software to download from !Store