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The Icon Bar: News and features: Rougol July 2023 meeting - Sine Nomine Software

Rougol July 2023 meeting - Sine Nomine Software

Posted by Mark Stephens on 08:27, 18/7/2023 |
The July Rougol meeting was a hybrid meeting with Hilary and Matthew Phillips talking (from Durham) about Sine Nomine, their range of software and life in general...

Last talk was 14 years ago and a few things have happened since then (like RiscOSM). Matthew started by showing a live map of the location of the Duke of Sussex showing the buses passing outside.
Started talk 'properly' with Impact and ImpEmail to send emails using a CSV inout file. The latest versions allows mail merge into an Impression or Ovation document as a PDF attachment with emails. This makes use of the excellent free Print PDF application from Steve Fryatt.
Then we went back to RiscOSM which can create maps using Street Map data. The application allows you to create highly customised maps (adding assorts of real-time data). You can also search and highlight or remove features on the map (stations, tidal bounds, contours, cemeteries, etc). Maps can be zoomed into to reveal more detail.
Maps and data can be exported in various formats such as CSV Draw, JPEG and PNG (using the new PNG support).
Reece is an add-on application to add in additional external data sources. One of the latest you can tap into is food hygiene reports. Matthew looked up the Duke of Sussex, which scores a good 5 rating.
Lots of external data sources can be tapped by RiscOSM and added to maps (including live bus data, pictures, weather, police data, route data). You can import your own GPS data into the software as well.
Matthew used a RISCOSbits FAST machine to demo the software as much faster than previous systems for running RiscOSM.
You can also show elevation on routes (my personal favourite feature!) so you can see how steep any trip is going to be.
In summary, RiscOSM is a very powerful application which allows a huge amount of customisation and interaction with maps!
AtoB was a new application released at the Wakefield show which uses RiscOSM to plan routes and create a list of directions or a Map. You can even print a mirror image if you want to follow the reflection in your mirror!
Map Walker is another new application in development (written as a Toolbox application in Python for RISC OS). Matthew is very impressed with writing Python and using a Resources file to build application.
At the end of the talk there was plenty of time for questions.
Many thanks for a very interesting talk and lots of useful tips on using the software.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Rougol July 2023 meeting - Sine Nomine Software